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  • San-francisco-skyline-at-night-2
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    Beyond Heaven's Gate

    Seventeen year old Clayton Scott has never stepped foot outside the Wall of Heaven, the high wooden barrier surrounding the community …

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  • Candle-in-the-dark5b25d
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    Light Up the Darkness

    A personal reflection on the recent Colorado shooting.

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  • Walking_away
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    I'm moving out of the country in a few months. A short goodbye to my life here.

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  • Helping-hand
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    Only One

    “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to…

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  • Lake_dillon_1268508231032
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    Life as a Shadow

    Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, Jace to his friends, may be the most popular boy at school. But school and home are entirely separat…

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  • Shadow-of-woman
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Talk to me!


27 days ago Grace said:

Sent it!


27 days ago Grace said:

Of course! Just like a role-play or something with them? If you give me your email, I can zap one over to you :)


27 days ago Grace said:

I totally get that, and man, I miss them too! Do you want to do something with them? Like I totally understand if you just don't want to mess with the forums right now, but we could do something over email like you mentioned.


27 days ago Grace said:

Yeah, I was just ridiculously busy this summer, and am still busy, but I wanted to pop on for a little bit.

I've been pretty good. Captain of my respective sport this year, so that's been fun. Already insanely busy with AP classes and shit, but overall no too bad.


27 days ago Grace said:

Hi! Oh my gosh, Alecks! I thought you had left figment! I pulled another silly disappearing act, but when I came back this time, the forums were like a ghost town. Like you, Kat, Lil, Penny; everyone was gone.

How've you been?

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My Reviews

War Tears

(over 3 years ago)

Truly a lovely piece. At time it did feel as if the timing was a bit strange. First rather slow, then fast, and then returning to slow... Read More »

The Right Path

(about 4 years ago)

Good story so far. The only thing I would mention instead of saying my most cute smile try cutest. It just flows better. Keep it up a... Read More »