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over 4 years ago Kierstyn said:

Hey, so I entered this contest (unfortunately it is heart based), yeah yeah I know, I hate those heart based ones too, but I need your heart! It is for the fanfiction contest. I write a ton of fanfic myself, so this task was easy. I wrote a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic. I would really really REALLY appreciate it if you read my story (it is only like four minutes!) it is called At Siege, and yeah I am willing to swap, but free hearts are DEFINITELY welcome!!! Well sorry for leaving this super long post on your wall, but I have to advertise my story somehow. So thanks! Love ya! Peace!

- Kierstyn

P.S. here's the link too! hehe... Then again, THANK YOU! For your time, and hopefully your heart!

Also, I am so sorry if I've posted this twice!


over 4 years ago Lauren Owens said:

Hey wanna swap? I'm trying to win a contest so I would really appreciate if you heart my story For the Love of Reading. Thanks just let me know what you want in return!


over 4 years ago Kionna Chase said:

Hey! I'm in a hearts contest and I would appreciate if you would read/heart Just Be You! I'm willing to swap! Thanks A Million!



over 4 years ago Ivy said:

Hello! I read your story Ruru and I left you a comment! Would you mind returning the favor and read Letting Go? Thanks!:)


over 4 years ago Lucy Stone said:

Hey! Care to swap? (Or if you give me a free read I would love you forever!) I really need feedback and hearts on my contest entry for the "First Impression" contest called "An Open Window. It's the first book on my profile. I will read, heart and review anything you want. Just leave a comment on the story, after you read and heart (or review) my story. I'll get to you as soon as possible. Don't worry if it take me a couple days- I'm gonna have a lot to do. Thanks!

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