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    The First One

    This is based on a true story. Anna is actually me, so this story is pretty personal, but it's a good story anyway. Just wanted to w…

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  • Typhoomerang
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    How To Get Into A Dragon Academy

    A How To Train Your Dragon Fan Fiction. All Sigrid has ever wanted what to join the Dragon Academy. The only thing holding her back …

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  • Ss oak pend (2)
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    Ranger's Apprentice: Gilan's Story

    Gilan's time as an apprentice with Halt wasn't an easy one. Filled of hard work, grim faces, and horrifying missions. But it was als…

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    Writer's Club Book

    Description is in the first chapter.

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  • Magic-book
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    Book Jumpers

    *Work in progress* Cloie Black is very unsatisfied with her life. Boring town, boring school, boring job, and boring parents. The on…

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    Dragon Slayers

    *Work in progress*. Thea Bennett has always wanted to be a dragon slayer and now she has a chance. She's starting her training. The…

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over 1 year ago Bailey C. said:

Hi Emma! I'm Bailey. I was wondering if you would be interested in a swap? It would be great if you could read Lost Love and Other Tragedies for me (if so, please read all of it. I have had some people only read the first few poems) I will read anything that's around the same length, up to 25 minutes as it is 17 minutes long. Just let me know. Thanks!

- Bailey


over 1 year ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I’m working on a new novel called Vision Zero and I’m trying to get feedback to make it better. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!


almost 2 years ago Sara Davis said:

Hey Kate! When do you think you'll be making your character for the Are You Ready To Be A Hero rp? I'm hoping to start the roleplay as soon as you make your character(s). :)



almost 2 years ago Sara Davis said:

Hello! Are you ready to be a hero? A new team is forming in Summer City, California. This team is made up of young crime-fighting heroes and this team needs YOU! Join the roleplay now! http://figment.com/groups/33266-Are-You-Ready-To-Be-A-Hero-


over 2 years ago Jessica Swagel said:

Hey emma! Can you email me? I have a question about something and I couldn't think of another way to get in touch with you

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The Forest

(over 3 years ago)

Hello there! I was just browsing through Figment when I came across this, and I quite like it. :) The start of the book gives the reader... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

This was pretty good. The character development was better than most, making Jarold and Lilia enjoyable as well as lovable. The story l... Read More »