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    A reworking of "French Fries and Desperation".

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    Not sure where this one came from, or even who it's about. It got me out of the shower, though, to write it.

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    Something of a love poem.

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    To My Legs

    Off a prompt to write about a part of your body you don't like.

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    Confessions (A Collaboration)

    At the end of a writing workshop I attended, we were told to take our favourite lines and ideas we had heard that day and make a pieceā€¦

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    Epitaph for an Unknown Woman

    Purely fictional; the first line was shamelessly stolen from Dylan Thomas, though I took it in a very different direction.

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Talk to me!


almost 3 years ago Daniela Bourlotos said:

My latest piece is called 'Everything Will Be Okay' and its for the Seventeen Magazine Contest. So if you could read I would greatly appreciate it...I will read anything you want just make sure you tell me what to read below...

If I have already asked you or you don't like swaps then I'm really sorry! Just ignore this...


almost 3 years ago Nikki Congdon said:

Hey!! You need a cover? Want to make covers for people? I have a new group called Covers R Us!

We make covers for people who need one and get this, you DON'T have to be a mod/admin to make covers!!!

So come on down to Covers R Us! Here's the link:


almost 3 years ago Everett Magical said:

Awesome job, you're on the home page! :)


almost 3 years ago Adrian Dela-Torre said:

Dear kelly, I'm Adrian Delatorre,I was wondering if you would like to swap? I'll Heart and comment your books if you do the same for mine.I need all the help I can get!(if possible please no 1 liner comments). THANK YOU ~Adrian Delatorre


almost 3 years ago DeathFlower93 said:

Hey! I'd appreciate it if you could read/heart either of my two short stories (especially The Knot Undone, for I've only a week left!). Willing to do a swap. Thanks. :)

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Daddy, It's Me, Janie Sue

(over 4 years ago)

You did a really good job on this, especially in the way you revealed the setting through the writing (which is hard to do, so congratul... Read More »