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almost 4 years ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hi! My name is Glowing Star…. And I plan to be a future author (of course). However, I need to know if my works are worth publishing. Will you please read my new novel SouthEast and comment about what you think it needs or what you like? I’m sorry if I bothered you in any way, or if you are too busy to accept my swap request. It’s okay if you don’t want to do it, I just needed some critiques towards my novels.


almost 4 years ago PandaAsiran said:


over 4 years ago Jayleena Weston said:

This, sadly, is a copy-and-paste message. Why? Because it's contest season on Figment, and writing out individual pleas to read my piece would take way too long.

(I promise you, I hate these too.)

SO! I entered the "FanFiction" contest, and my piece really needs some love to even start to make it to the top ten. It IS a heart-based contest (now I'm doing two things I hate), so, honestly, you don't even have to read it. Just click the heart and go.

I'm willing to swap, but I would much rather just have free reads. Again, contest season. Anything that takes away from precious promoting time is, well, I'm pretty sure you understand.


Bet your bottom dollar, you'll love it!!

Thank you for putting up with this!!! :D


over 4 years ago M.H. said:

Hey there! :) Care to swap? If so, please read Paper Flowers and leave a comment as well as a heart if worthy. I'd love free reads, but if you want to swap, that's fine. Just let me know on my wall. Have a great day! :)



over 4 years ago Allie said:

How are you??

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