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    Light and Dark

    Just a sestina that I wrote, hope you enjoy.

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  • Heraldry
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    Entry for Figgie Fighters September Poetry Contest. Enjoy.

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  • Ship-with-broken-mast
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    Figgie Fighters July Poetry Contest entry, enjoy Figgies.

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  • Alone
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    June Poetry contest entry, hope you like it.

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  • Demon
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    Because we all face our inner demons one way or another.

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  • Seasons
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    Just some stuff I am dealing with that I need to put into writing, so what's new \(^~^)/

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Talk to me!


13 days ago VirtualCavern said:

Hello Dustin!

During the next week leading up until ThanksGiving, over at the TheVirtualCavern, we will be sharing stories of Thanks & Gratitude from various writers as part of a short series entitled, “TVC Presents ~ Thanks”, and are currently reaching out to those who have been featured on our Poetry Podcast in the past to share their stories first.

So, what are we looking for? Writers who are featured will first start by introducing a bit about themselves, share what giving thanks means to them, a situation or event in life where you were very thankful; and lastly what the holiday Thanksgiving means to you. Feel free to share any Thanksgiving season traditions you may have that you enjoy, even if you’re not a big fan of the Holiday itself.

We ask that submissions are at least 2 paragraphs long, but we welcome for your writeup to be much longer if you so desire! If interested, please submit your entry via email at TheVirtualCavern@yahoo.com, and please be sure to shoot us any question via our Figment Page if you have them.


about 1 month ago Lauren Fricke said:


Thank you for your kind words; they mean so much to me! I have loved being on Figment, and reading the thoughts other people have is one of my truest passions. I wish you all the same luck in the future. Perhaps we will reconvene on Underlined or another site!

In the meantime, I will send an email to the address you gave me so that you have mine in return. Likewise, you are always free to send me work to read or critique or to chat!

I truly hope that this setback does not impact your writing. It is raw and true, and it is some of the more impressive that I've read of late. Do not lose that!

All the best, Lauren


about 1 month ago Brody Ziegler said:

If you could read scabbed lips that’d be great.

16 - 1

about 1 month ago NEF Castuera said:

But then sadly it cannot be saved. Welp, hope to run into you again at some sites.

16 - 1

about 1 month ago NEF Castuera said:

Figment is great why would they shut it down. It's so cruel action to all figment users. What would be of all the comments and the wonderful reviews we and others wrote? I sure do hope, Figment could still be saved and the contents.

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Vial of T

(about 1 month ago)

I am at a loss of words, but I will try my best to express my thoughts on this piece. As I have come to expect of your work, you write a... Read More »

Of Love & Justice

(5 months ago)

So far I am really enjoying what I am reading, and when the time allows I hope to finish it and give you more elaborate details. But if ... Read More »