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About Me: Looking to break out of the slush pile. SWAPS: PLEASE GO FIRST. I'm only interested in swapping with those who want genuine feedback. I leave long and detailed reviews, and I would expect the same from you. Please leave specific comments because if I can't tell from review if you've read the book I won't return the swap. Looking to swap for Lock Stock and Two Smoking Goblins at the moment. PLEASE NO POETRY I might do free reads if I'm in the mood or you ask me in the right way :) I'll also give you a detailed review in return for a short positive comment on Amazon etc if you buy my book. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Follow my facebook page for book updates and creepy inspirations

Figment Writings

  • Heraldry

    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Goblins

    Byran Tarn is a thief with a reputation for meticulous planning. Lylabelle is a were-kitten and a walking lesson in being careful what…

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  • Unnamed_zps61fa890d

    The Worst Kidnapping in the Galaxy

    It... it wasn't supposed to go down like this. <br> Xct, alien student, was on a mission to meet his hero, a human rock-star named Z…

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  • Fantasyknightsswords_wwwwall321com_75_zps7ce1ed08

    Happily Ever After

    They say that endings are just new beginnings and that could not be more true for Lavie Streaver. A noblewoman turned knight, she and …

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  • Red_abstract

    The Look on Your Face

    A short story I threw together for a story-telling evening I'm running. The artisan has finished his masterpiece, but cannot get i…

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3 months ago Haley Kissell (hiatus) said:

Thank you so much for doing the author chat for us. The FFG can't thank you enough! Is there anything we can do for you in return?


3 months ago Brynai Anderson said:

Hi R.A.! I wanted to know if you would like to swap? So far i have one chapter (finished) of my new WIP, "Casting Shadows" and I was wondering if you'd review it for me? I'll definitely take a look at Lock Stock and Two Smoking Goblins, and review it if you agree :)


3 months ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:


There is a brand new newsletter for Figment writers! This particular newsletter is a division of Figgie Fighters, the ever popular group doing everything they can to keep Figment alive and well.

This newsletter will have advice and lessons, feature Figgies just like you, and keep you up to date on Figment news! That's not even the best part... no...

The best part is it's written by YOU.

You don't have to commit long term. In fact, if you don't want to write an article, don't! For those of you who are interested in writing an article, just put in your application. Lucky applicants will have their article featured in the newsletter. Anyone who does have their article featured will have a free, in-depth review from us!

We accept around five to seven articles each week, depending on size of the articles submitted.

Click here to learn more!

Not so jersey ;p

3 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

Well we can agree to disagree but I do appreciate it. I will be sure to take under consideration how others feel...

Not so jersey ;p

3 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

I appreciate you giving me that link! And I'm really sorry if I offended anyone but I do think that being gay is wrong... That does not mean that I am unwilling to be friends/love someone who is gay, it just means that I don't think that is what God intended. I'm incredibly sorry if I offended you or anyone else, but that is just what I think. I do appreciate that link but you also have to understand that those are only mentioned in the bible, not supported by the bible... Thank for that information though, it was an interesting article :D

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