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    Heart on Display

    If you adore Christmas, please wait until after said holiday to read this. I'm not responsible for the consequences if you don't liste…

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  • Sif
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    SIF Background/scraps

    SIF background and scraps...or maybe novel...idk anymore. - Now unconfused! :D - I hope...

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  • Ssalan
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    Silly stories: Aerin late at night

    a collection of (hopefully) side splitting short stories (definitely) fueled by a sleep deprived brain....

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  • Da
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    Dear Anne

    Letter. Companion to Anne. Read this first.

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  • A
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    From Anne's view. Interior monologue. Companion to Dear Anne.

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  • Poetry
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    Random actual poetry. Probably a little bleak. I fit words together when I feel depressed. like puzzles. an attempt to make something …

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about 1 month ago J.D. Thomas said:

Hey there! I just wanted to say how awesome it is that you're still active on figment! I've been here since 2010 (this is my second account) and I've seen so many people abandon this place, I think we should try to restore figment to its former glory, you know? There are a lot of small groups on here that aren't really in contact and I think it would be cool if we could centralize it!

Me 1963

4 months ago Linda D said:

I don't know if you are on Figment much anymore. But I just wanted to let you know that "If the Shoe Fits" has been published and is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


6 months ago kyla denae said:

sigh i s2g i remember when i halfway liked tech and now i'm just like dood


6 months ago kyla denae said:

np fam. :) it was a really enjoyable read. i'm a sucker for hidden power-oriented stories.


6 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

oh my goodness, perfect description! Self imploding, that's what I was doing! XD That made me smile :)

Thanks for the picker uper, I could learn a lot from you!

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Born in Snow

(over 2 years ago)

okay, love, let's do this. sorry for waiting so long. X] I love these first three paragraphs, setting the tone for the rest of the sto... Read More »

Fading Fast

(over 2 years ago)

Your Mind, Not Mine I love Misaki SO MUCH. she wakes up like me. and also sleeps like me. what a mess. XD XD “Find your glasses fi... Read More »