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    Heart on Display

    If you adore Christmas, please wait until after said holiday to read this. I'm not responsible for the consequences if you don't liste…

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  • Sif
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    SIF Background/scraps

    SIF background and scraps...or maybe novel...idk anymore. - Now unconfused! :D - I hope...

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  • Ssalan
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    Silly stories: Aerin late at night

    a collection of (hopefully) side splitting short stories (definitely) fueled by a sleep deprived brain....

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  • Da
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    Dear Anne

    Letter. Companion to Anne. Read this first.

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  • A
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    From Anne's view. Interior monologue. Companion to Dear Anne.

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  • Poetry
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    Random actual poetry. Probably a little bleak. I fit words together when I feel depressed. like puzzles. an attempt to make something …

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Me 1963

about 1 month ago Linda D said:

I don't know if you are on Figment much anymore. But I just wanted to let you know that "If the Shoe Fits" has been published and is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


3 months ago livie said:

hmm idk probably like 20 degrees?? more or less


3 months ago livie said:

i will ~

oh ig that's kinda cute lol

oh lol

yea it snowed a lot last december


3 months ago livie said:

omg i hate guys who complain abt their girlfriends

how r u talking to me if u don't have internet?? yeah p much?? im like rlly close to the oregon border


3 months ago livie said:

i was talking abt inward control too. ive spent my entire life being forced to live inside my head. ive never had any real external experiences so u can be sure 70% of the time im talking abt internal stuff lol

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My Reviews

Born in Snow

(about 2 years ago)

okay, love, let's do this. sorry for waiting so long. X] I love these first three paragraphs, setting the tone for the rest of the sto... Read More »

Fading Fast

(over 2 years ago)

Your Mind, Not Mine I love Misaki SO MUCH. she wakes up like me. and also sleeps like me. what a mess. XD XD “Find your glasses fi... Read More »