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    The Ides of March

    This is a Detective Conan/Case Closed Fan Fiction. The show is in Japanese but as I am unable to speak Japanese I will be writing it …

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  • Freedom's call cover
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    Freedom's call

    Ell is a freak. She is part eagle with wings and feathers instead of hair, and control over the element of air. she had lived her enti…

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    Short Stories, Poems, And Misc.

    This is just a collection of random things I have written in my spare time. Please tell me which is your favorite and keep coming back…

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  • Cover to the soul theif
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    The soul thief

    Abram is one of seven teens who have special powers. These powers, given to them by God, make them The Fallen Angles and it is there j…

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    The Memory Game

    Tori only remembers her name. When she and 49 other kids are kidnapped and their memories erased they must play the game to get them b…

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    Choose the outcome book one

    You're in a maze being chased by guards. Every choice you make gets you closer or farther away from being free.

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4 months ago Kayla Amaro said:

Are you a young writer working on some awesome projects? Join my new group: Young Authors. We do swaps, weekly prompts, advice columns, and soon, collaborations :)


7 months ago MaryAnn said:

Hello, fellow figgie! Would you like to join my group? You don't have to...if you don't want to...but trust me, you won't regret it!


Also, if you love collecting coins, join my friend's group as well! Very lonely here... it's called Coins USA!

Here's the link for that one:


There are many things out there that need to be taken care of. Animal testing, slavery, and abortion. We the Generation is a group under construction fighting against abortion. If you have feelings about this topic, or you are against abortion, please join this group.


Hello! Let me introduce myself! Here at Figment we are all super nice to one another...we love each other like we are best friends! If you ever need advice or help or have ANY question, just come on over and ask! Oh, and I'm almost at 200 followers. If you help me get there, (by following,) you'll automatically be entered into my 200 follower giveaway! You don't have to...no pressure at all!

Anyways, I hope I can make you feel at home!

All the best, ~MaryAnn

P.S. Dear witch/wizard, We are pleased to inform you have a place at Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play. Term begins on June 1st. We await your owl. Yours sincerely, Dumbledore Hogwarts Express


11 months ago Roanoke Wilde said:

HELLO, FAIR FIGGIES!!! I'd like to introduce you to a group that was created not long ago by the name of Characters Within Us. It's rather lonely there, and we were hoping we could get some more members to join. What do you do there? Why that's simple! Characters Within Us is a group where you focus solely on your beloved characters (villains included). There you can role-play, build them up, get advice from fellow writers, chat amongst yourselves, and, later, if we get enough members, we might even be able to have some contests *wiggles eyebrows at you*. This a a great place to be able to interact with people just like you, and it can be especially good for people not sure how to write that “perfect” character.

If you're interested, please stop on by! We would love to meet you! Introduce yourself, and you can immediately become a part of the activities. Also, we would love input from you! If you need anything or dislike anything, then just tell us. Thanks for spending some of your precious time to read this, we know how busy writers can be. We look forward to seeing you and your characters! :) ;) :P ;P :D ;D

Sorry if you've already gotten this! :/


about 1 year ago GuessWho said:

(Hey, Thornton. If you hate ads, then just delete this.)

When war breaks loose whose side will you choose to be on? And are you willing to risk everything for the greater good or will you fight 'til the death? Your DECISION. This Means WAR roleplay


about 1 year ago LoLo said:

I appreciate your offer in the role play! I am still currently in NaNoWriMo, so if you could just remind me after NaNo I would love to participate!

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My Reviews

At the Crumbling of Others

(over 1 year ago)

I love the idea for showing how desperate things are in the story by showing how the main character(of this prolouge) is starving. I also... Read More »

The Endangered List (contest version)

(over 3 years ago)

With your book I felt like I pulled into the story. A little competition is good to me as well. Please read The Least of all for me. I'm ... Read More »