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about 2 years ago Oliver Yoshimune said:

Hello I have noticed you have reviewed my bffelftmafafsplx5s book Amethyst the hedgehog. I enjoyed every second of it. As I can see you are a big fan as am I am you should know when a person such as my friend has a highschool au. that took them a whole year to finish with me. first off. did you read the original story that she wrote about the high school. or // topaz's story anyways. the reason there is blood:its a Alternate universe The reason there is all other stuff:Alternate universe. Shadow in this alternate universe was born not on the ark but by a mom and dad thats why his personality is different. Amethyst was a lost child of that family. If you have any questions you may ask me as we are the ones who made up the concept and plot.

Arron reed_zpssu57qxyq

about 2 years ago Aaron Reed said:

Hey! Would you like to swap? If so, could you read and review the first part of my book Demons Within and give it a heart? If you enjoy it, you could read the second and third part (it says which is which in the description) hint hint wink wink lol also, could you follow me? Hope you enjoy! :D


about 2 years ago Cheyenne Cacy said:

The official copy of Unbreakable Girl is here!



over 2 years ago Mick_Moose said:

Hi, are you against Gay and Lesbian marriages? Then please join my group. Here we will not make threats against them, just practice our freedom of speech, please join for peaceful protest! http://figment.com/groups/32317-No-Rays-no-Gays


over 2 years ago Ali Belair said:

Hi! We have created the second Fairy Tail Fan Club where we Role Play and chat about all things Fairy Tail. We hope you come to join us either for the first time or the second.

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