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  • Finding you cover 2
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    Finding You

    **a readers' pick for Figment's Best of 2013 list!** A girl and a boy, war and slavery, a locket and a key, cruel separation and a bon…

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    a young woman is caught up in the dangerous world of espionage when she joins the plot to reinstate her exiled queen, all the while st…

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  • Check cover 4 with name
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    she decides - with commendable resolve for one so young - to end her life on the day of her twenty-fifth birthday. there are tragic el…

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  • Atl 2f
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    Across the Lake

    in watching that foreign world so close to her own, she saw an opportunity.

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  • Proxy 3
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    Trained to take her place as a spy for the king her father serves, Roe fully expects the announcement that she is to marry her enemy. …

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  • Cover image (evangeline 5)
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    *COMPLETE* Wrongful imprisonment, heroic escape, true love, not-so-true love, betrayal, assassins, masquerades, pistols, clock-chimes,…

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Talk to me!


about 10 hours ago William Carter said:

So yeah, this is pretty random, but if you're in the mood of reading, then here are some suggestions! :D

Conversing with Nina by Sunny Little.

-I read this a little while ago, and it's awesome. I really liked the twist at the end (spoiler alert!), and I really liked how everything flowed well with the plot. Give it a read if you like short stories with a darker side! :D

I Am Rose by Hazel Gatoya.

-Alright, this is one of the most creative worlds I've read on Figment. I really liked the idea behind this, and I absolutely loved the characters. This is a great beginner novel if you like fantasy reads! :D

The Birdcage Room by Starflower.

-This piece is so literarily artistic. And it's legitimate poetry, too! Not some hashed up, cliche love poem. This novel in verse is really something special, and I'm so excited that it's on Figment! :D

So yeah, that's it. I just feel like Figment has become a place full of selfish pleas of "Read this work of mine!" and a lot of times it's not something well-written. I'm not saying these pieces I've listed are perfect - I'm just saying that these pieces are ones I have enjoyed. I just want Figment to go back to being a COMMUNITY, and not some literary Times Square.

I hope you can find the time to read these! If you have suggestions of stories you've read and liked on Figment, then please post them on my wall! Stay awesome! :D

Cup of tea

4 days ago Arabella Starr said:

Lydia *gasp* you wrote a new story. AHHH I totally have to start Treachery. I was going to write a spy story and ended up writing a self-discovery/romance...Something Blue. I didn't see it coming but surprise is a wonderful thing. Now what to your story now or catch up on an old one?



5 days ago Cassie Rose said:

Yes, I think the success of Captain Swan is that they make a perfect team! They're both able to take care of themselves, yet they also sometimes need the help of the other. Oh my goodness, I was actually so convinced that they were going to bring back Graham in the finale! And I was bracing myself for the inevitable Graham or Hook, and I was like "I don't think my heart can handle this!". Graham is like that lost first love. He was the first romantic crack in her wall. Yet, Hook is Hook and so loyal and perfect. If it had happened, I think it would be the first love triangle I legit could not pick between the dudes. :P Neil, eh, I just could never really like because of dem choices he made! Geeeez, that dude needed to sit down and think before opening his mouth or following rando instructions from some dude. *shakes head* And August I was convinced was one of the Grimm brothers when he first showed up, and I was SO HYPED for a guy who be all mysterious and maybe a touch of a badguy, and then... Pinocchio. Pinocchio. Yeah. No. I can't ship the kickbutt princess daughter of Prince C and Snow White with Pinocchio.


6 days ago Cassie Rose said:

I track the Captain Swan tag on Tumblr. :P Here's a secret: I actually really, really disliked Hook for a good long while. Being a Graham and Emma shipper 4 lyf, I was not ready to relinquish my crushed dreams. But slowly Hook worked his dashing charm, and by the time they got to Neverland I was for Captain Swan. And then when he gave her the little pep talk about him knowing she'd find Henry I was like "Captain Swan 5eva!" I still love my short lived Gremma, but I'm enmeshed in Captain Swan now. Any guy who unfailing and loyally supports his kickbutt girl is going to melt my heart into a puddle of swoon. ;)

Ha ha, don't worry about it! I always accidentally unfollow people when I'm on my Kindle. I must have thick fingers. :P


6 days ago Cassie Rose said:

Ha ha, well you made my day by posting new loveliness for me to read! :D If I could, I would start reading it right now! :P And I have to start back up with my read-through of Esmeralda, too! I wish there were more hours in the day so I could just go through and read all your work faster! ;)

Oh my goodness, you love Captain Swan too? We must be kindred spirits! :D I nearly had a heart attack during the finale. I can't wait for season 4! I saw some footage from the filming of S4 where they were all smiley and he was messing with her coat. Too cute for words!

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We Could Fall in Love

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