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  • Siren 3
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    siren song

    // sirens call my name, say they'll ease my pain then break me on the shore //

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  • Check cover 4 with name
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    [WORK IN PROGRESS] sometimes we wish too hard, and later on it hurts. {<a href="">check: pinte…

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    three hearts.

    [WORK IN PROGRESS] three hearts, frosty fingers, weary lungs, work-hardened hands. words unsaid, love proved, action taken, freedom re…

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    [WORK IN PROGRESS] a young woman is caught up in the dangerous world of espionage when she joins the plot to reinstate her exiled quee…

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  • Atl 2f
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    Across the Lake

    [WORK IN PROGRESS] in watching that foreign world so close to her own, she saw an opportunity.

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  • Cover image (evangeline 5)
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    [COMPLETE] wrongful imprisonment, heroic escape, true love, not-so-true love, betrayal, assassins, masquerades, pistols, clock-chimes,…

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5 months ago R. Soland said:

To be perfectly honest, I'm not well at all. Very sick, something that might require surgery. But that means I have an excuse to lie down all day and write, which is what I've been doing. :) I'm glad I was able to cheer you up- you deserve all the praise! How are you? What's keeping you so busy?


5 months ago R. Soland said:

Hey Lydia! I haven't been on Figment as much lately so I just now saw the post about you getting published! (Not sure when that news was first announced.) A HUGE congrats! You have always been one of my favorite authors (if not THE favorite) on Figment and in general, so I am super excited to see that you are finding success with your writing! I hope all goes well and I can't wait to be able to buy your book next year. :)

Cute panda planter

11 months ago Arabella Starr said:

Esmeralda review [SPOILIERS] Just repasting to make it easier to read!!!

Chapters 10- the end

*typo* when I mixed up the names Esmeralda and Evangeline, :/ anyways…Here are my mostly live responses to your wonderful story. I took notes while I was binge reading this.

•11: *when Evangeline looks back at the prison give a brief description of what it looks like (like how you did at the end)…to help develop the setting.

•12: *briefly describe Aron’s physical appearance; he was a very well rounded character although he grew increasingly more horrid in my eyes.

•13: *love this quote: “Better than the physical wellness, though, is the family I find myself surrounded by: I feel the closest to while that I have since the trial and executions”

*Barefoot in the snow? Aren’t her cousin’s concerned she’ll get sick again?

•17: *Ekaterina sounds too close to her real “E” name. It could hint to her true identity.

•20: *Too many crushes…everyone likes Evangeline. In some cases it works with the story…but in other ways it feels a bit much. I understand that she’d be a bit naïve since being in prison so long and not having contact with people…but apart from that it was a lot of teasing. I’m such a romantic that flirting without love behind (misguided flirting) is really annoying. I could tell some of it was more playful then serious…but yeah.

•35: *The ultimate ‘bad boy’ aka what adorable little Leopold looks like in this scene. LOL XD

•36: *Leopold knows his entire family is dead…but he seems too unaffected when he asks Evangeline if she is alright. Maybe show a slight change in his reaction to Evangeline.

*4 deaths? 2 sons and 1 king…I didn’t notice when you mentioned Kostya was murdered…only saw the mention later in chapter 43.

•37: *Safe to use the name Esmeralda R? Is the last name made up to not sound too obvious?

•43: *still trying to figure out why Kostya was killed…I’m not sure if this is a loose end

•44: *:/ Evangeline tries to get the gun. Ugh!

•45: *sighs* the chemistry between Leopold and Evangeline so adorable how she keeps thinking of him as “Bastian” *ooh! Bastian! Evangeline let it slip!

•65: *don’t like how everyone is using Evangeline. At least: Tatiana, Natalia, and Leopold seem sincere in loving her. I could relate to Evangeline so much in this and in her imprisonment…even though I’ve never been locked away like her…so many of her emotions and realizations are things I’ve experienced.

•68: *nearly cried…my eyes were literally filling with tears….need their 1st kiss…need!!!! • 69: *ugh! “Roman emerges from the shadows…” when I read that I was like WHY? Then he talks about love. Seriously Roman…no you didn’t love her you thought you liked her. Love is eternal.

•70: *Roman! What—so consumed by violence :’(

•72: *You repeated this chapter twice…just delete the reposted chapter

•73: *their first kiss *ULTIMATE HAPPY SIGH* XD

*Evangeline tries leaving *heart deflates like a balloon* knows she’s just wasting time and causing pointless heartache…because love is the ultimate choice for them.

•74: *The Worst :’( being queen.

•75: *Describe Irina briefly when you introduce her.

•76: *Excuse YOU council members BUT Evangeline got herself out of prison…NOT YOU! *Love this quote…*swoon* “I just want Leopold” :’(

•77: *REBEL EVANGELINE!!! Leave Aron’s puppetry and control and go back to Leopold!

•83: *I wouldn’t trust the soldiers. Naturally trusting anybody including myself would be the ultimate struggle…and besides love (those that I knew I loved and they loved me) I wouldn’t be able to see clearly to trust anybody’s motives or intent. Neither would I be eager to get help from anybody.


*left out information? “take another” what? A roll or scone maybe?

•85: *>.< “Aron cleared up the misunderstanding.” Yeah right! Ugh!

•86: *WIFEY POWER!!! *sigh* this is perfection

Cute panda planter

11 months ago Arabella Starr said:

Just finished Esmeralda...I will be writing novel length responses soon The story was BEAUTIFUL. I loved it. :)


about 1 year ago Eva Marie said:

Hi Lydia! I've finally gone and opened an account. Now I can bug you about Check. as often as I like. ;) SO proud of you!

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