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  • Finding you cover 2
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    Finding You

    [COMPLETE] *a readers' pick for Figment's Best of 2013 list!* A girl and a boy, war and slavery, a locket and a key, cruel separation …

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  • 1
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    a young woman is caught up in the dangerous world of espionage when she joins the plot to reinstate her exiled queen, all the while st…

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  • Check cover 4 with name
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    she decides - with commendable resolve for one so young - to end her life on the day of her twenty-fifth birthday. there are tragic el…

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  • Atl 2f
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    Across the Lake

    in watching that foreign world so close to her own, she saw an opportunity.

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  • Proxy 3
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    Trained to take her place as a spy for the king her father serves, Roe fully expects the announcement that she is to marry her enemy. …

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  • Cover image (evangeline 5)
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    *COMPLETE* Wrongful imprisonment, heroic escape, true love, not-so-true love, betrayal, assassins, masquerades, pistols, clock-chimes,…

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14 days ago EliAna said:

Treachery is great so far! You are most welcome.

Out of curiosity (pardon if I've already asked, and I know others have) but where does this story take place? It seems rather similar to the British Isles. Did you borrow from there, or actually set it there, or what? (Same with Esmeralda and Russia).


17 days ago Amanda Beth Flynn said:

Hey friend. :) I'm finally attempting to come out of the writer's closet and editing and releasing one of my older novels here, so I wanted to give you a heads up. You're one of my favorite writer friends and I always enjoy whenever we get the chance to talk writing together. I miss you. Let's do something soon, ok? xoxo


23 days ago Arabella Starr said:

You're welcome. :) I've been so busy but it's nice to set aside time to catch up on reading. I look forward to the new version of Check. I'll keep my eyes open for it.

Figment profile picture yeah edited

29 days ago William Carter said:

A delivery boy knocks on your door. "Delivery!"

You walk onto your mansion steps, and receive an envelope that has your name on it written in black calligraphy. "Who's this from?"

"I'm not sure. A whole package of envelopes was left on my front porch, with addresses and names. There wasn't a signature or anything."

The delivery boy leaves, and you silently open the envelope inside as a crack of thunder erupts in the sky.

Figment profile picture yeah edited

about 1 month ago William Carter said:

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The Princess and the Fox Demon

(28 days ago)

okay, as far as critiques go, they're quite minor, especially in contrast to the amount of love I have for this already (I'm not really m... Read More »

We Could Fall in Love

(6 months ago)

-Heart's Secret I really love Ms. Ward. Have I mentioned that? Do you know the inverted check-mark plot-line thingy? I'm probably ... Read More »