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  • Siren 3
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    siren song

    [COMPLETE - short story] // sirens call my name, say they'll ease my pain then break me on the shore //

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  • Index
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    november the twelfth

    when her childhood best friend Delane dies under mysterious circumstances, November's questions pull her into an unfamiliar undergroun…

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  • Check cover 4 with name
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    [WORK IN PROGRESS] sometimes we wish too hard, and later on it hurts. {<a href="">check: pinte…

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  • 2a
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    let's be alone, together

    a short story I wrote for a fiction-writing class. magical realism. urban. sad. odd. hopefully charming. 5,000 words. <a href="http://…

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Talk to me!


6 months ago Arabella Starr said:

I'm so excited!


6 months ago R. Soland said:

I just got your message from two months ago... I rarely go on Figment anymore because I'm graduating this semester and am barely keeping up with school! I did not end up needing surgery, and I recovered pretty well. I'm sick all the time, though. Usually it means I end up sitting in bed and writing more, so there's a silver lining. I know I've said this already, but I am SO excited to buy your book in print this year! And I definitely plan on recommending you to my friends. :) Thank you for responding to my message, even if it was a few months late... and I hope you'll forgive me for the same thing. :)


8 months ago Arabella Starr said:


Thanks a million for the comment on "months, weeks, days" and for being so encouraging. Most days I feel like I am too close to the forest to see the trees. When I wrote the poem, I just wanted to pull a bunch of moments from 2016 together and let go of some of those thoughts. I feel like 2017 will be much better.

~Arabella aka Brianna


8 months ago Victoria A. said:

Oh no! For some reason the rest of my message got cut off. Well, as I was saying, yeah, I've been waiting for more updates on "Finding You" and was super excited to see you guys were picking the cover direction! It's going to be real cool having a Lydia Albano original on my shelf. :) Thanks again for checking in, it meant a lot! I hope you have a merry merry Christmas Lydia and many blessings in the new year!! :)


8 months ago Victoria A. said:

Well hello there! :) I saw in my email that you posted on my wall. It was such an awesome surprise, I couldn't believe you knew it was me! I hope everything is going smoothly with the publishing process. :) I am pretty inactive on here as well. I've been writing this middle-grade story though that I plan to make novel length, but I want to finish it before I try posting it. :) Yeah, to be honest the only reason I subscribed to Swoonreads email notifications was so I could see how "Finding You" turns out.

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We Could Fall in Love

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