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  • Finding you cover 2
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    Finding You

    [COMPLETE] a girl sold into slavery, love that lends her courage, and a mounting strength inside that changes everything. *a reade…

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  • 1
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    a young woman is caught up in the dangerous world of espionage when she joins the plot to reinstate her exiled queen, all the while st…

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  • Check cover 4 with name
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    she decides - with commendable resolve for one so young - to end her life on the day of her twenty-fifth birthday. there are tragic el…

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  • Atl 2f
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    Across the Lake

    in watching that foreign world so close to her own, she saw an opportunity.

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  • Cover image (evangeline 5)
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    *COMPLETE* Wrongful imprisonment, heroic escape, true love, not-so-true love, betrayal, assassins, masquerades, pistols, clock-chimes,…

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  • Proxy 3
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    Trained to take her place as a spy for the king her father serves, Roe fully expects the announcement that she is to marry her enemy. …

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3 days ago Writer {Online} said:

Heart for a heart?

No? Not one for swapping for 'hearts'?

What if I made you a better deal? IF you don't want to get just a heart, if you HEART my story (that's all I ask for!) before the 26th of November, I'll REVIEW your story!

If you like either of these offers, go to my story! (And let me know which you want!)



27 days ago Allison Chesley said:

Thank you Lydia! You have such wonderful talent as a writer - it was a fantastic experience reading your work, and I'll definitely be reading more! Oh my goodness, The Screwtape Letters is one of my favorite novels. The ending always gives me chills. I hope you LOVE it!

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about 1 month ago EliAna said:

"Commodity"–Remedy Drive. Have a listen (at your leisure, of course!) and tell me which character of yours comes to mind?

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about 1 month ago Kenzi Lynn said:

Hello! I'm Kenzi and I was wondering if you would like to swap stories? I'd love it if you read "melancholy" for me and I'd read any of your stories in return. :)

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about 1 month ago EliAna said:

Oh, you're welcome! You don't have to thank me for genuine enthusiasm (unless maybe you do? Sometimes one isn't happy until one has properly thanked everyone else... But I'm becoming distracted). I'm rather wrestling with the concept of "Christian stories" myself--it's a tight line to walk, between screaming "Jesus!" in the reader's face and letting his name waft in on a breeze, so to speak.

It's so cool you have a chicken! A hen or a rooster?

My life? Hm, not much going on. Just the desperate scramble to meet scholarship deadlines and keep up homework. I'm hoping to have enough time to sit and read through my story, because I've been away so long it's slipping away (My mind keeps leaping ahead to the ending and thinking "What about a sequel" when I haven't made it to the climax of the story yet). :/ You know the feeling. I'd love to do NaNoWriMo this year, so hopefully things will slacken enough by then.

Incidentally, having never been, how is Boston? What is it like?

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The Princess and the Fox Demon

(3 months ago)

okay, as far as critiques go, they're quite minor, especially in contrast to the amount of love I have for this already (I'm not really m... Read More »

We Could Fall in Love

(8 months ago)

-Heart's Secret I really love Ms. Ward. Have I mentioned that? Do you know the inverted check-mark plot-line thingy? I'm probably ... Read More »