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    a love letter to figgies everywhere

    I've tried to actually express my feelings on my actual blog, here, if you're interested in some shout-outs and screenshots of favorit…

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    Finding You

    signing off, and a reminder that Finding You is now in print! get yourself to a bookstore!

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about 1 month ago EliAna said:

I'm so glad that my words blessed you, and very glad indeed you got to read them in time! It's a bit mind-boggling to think of Figment shutting down, even if it is a quiet place nowadays. High hopes for Esmeralda? That would be most delightful! (Also, am I mistaken in remembering, or did you also mention once having further plans for Phoebe?) Sending hugs to Des, Isla, and Val (and Oliver, wherever he went!). And Bastien and Evy, of course. Love returned! -Elli (Also, if ever you want to chat once Figment finally vanishes, I can be reached at

Screen shot 2017-06-27 at 10.22.22 pm

3 months ago Ava Snow said:

Hi dear figgie friends. Since the sad news that figment is closing I have felt guided to create a writing project. It would be geared toward writer, aspiring authors and book lovers. I just wanted feedback of what sort of content you (as a reader and writer) would be willing to read. Down below I have some ideas: Be willing to give me more feedback.

- Book recommendations?

- Author's Q and A

- Must read list

- Can we just talk about one of our favorite MC?

- Self Publishing 101

- Publishing House 101

- Devotionals

What else? and would you be interested in image/video/one paragraph blog? Please be honest.

Thank you for your time


Ava Snow

Key messagew

3 months ago EliAna said:

Looong time no talk, but seeing as Figment is shutting down, I'll leave this here in case you see it:)

Thank you. Thank you for sharing your writing with us all here, for letting us get to glimpse it and talk about it and explore it as it unfolded. Your stories are dear to my heart (I'll admit, I grieved a bit when I saw Esmeralda wasn't up here anymore. Perhaps someday Esmeralda will be a book too, and it can sit beside Finding You on my shelf for favorite books.). Your books have had a deep impact in my life. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and for chatting with us; I treasure all that. Even if, as Evangeline said, stories are lies, a part of them rings true...and it's a lovely sound. Your words are music.

And thank you for inspiring me to write. I'd put away my writing for a while, honestly, and it was you specifically who encouraged me to pick it back up again. I'd more or less resigned myself to leaving it–the practice itself and projects too–on a shelf gathering dust. I still write today, and I don't think I would do that if it hadn't been for you encouraging me to do so! Thank you :)

Lastly, I can really see God in your writing both here and on your blog; it is truly beautiful. You have a lovely soul and I'm honored to have gotten to bump into you in our Figment adventures. Be blessed!


4 months ago Arabella Starr said:

*Figment is becoming Underlined*


4 months ago Arabella Starr said:

Figment is shutting down Dec 1st of this year. I have a group for those who want to talk about what's next and stay updated throughout the process.


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We Could Fall in Love

(almost 4 years ago)

-Heart's Secret I really love Ms. Ward. Have I mentioned that? Do you know the inverted check-mark plot-line thingy? I'm probably ... Read More »

We Could Fall in Love

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