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    Love Poems

    I didn't really write this poem with anyone in mind. Just thought it would be fun to write a cute little poem.

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  • Red_abstract
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    One Year

    A poem about my life this past year.

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  • Cover7
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    A Poem

    A quick poem. Kind of just threw it together, but I like it :)

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  • Strongercover
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    A short poem

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  • Puppetstringscover
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    A Puppet String

    This is a poem In wrote awhile ago during a hard period in my life. It's mainly from two points of view with an addition third. I crea…

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about 4 years ago Ryan James said:

Hello! Want to swap?? If so, I will read and honestly critique any one of your stories if you join the group Get Halo Back. Thanks!!!


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over 4 years ago Briana Colfer said:

Hey love, would you like to swap? If so then you can please read/heart "Heart Stop". It is entered in the FanFic Contest, and I desperately need the heart that only YOU can give to help me keep a spot in the top ten for the first time! I will gladly return the favor. Thanks, and cheers! :)

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My Reviews

Nobody Needs to Know

(over 4 years ago)

This story was really interesting! I loved the first paragraph and all the great details in it. The ending was implied but pretty definit... Read More »

Under the Willow

(over 4 years ago)

This story just... I think I'm gonna cry. This just made me so, so sad. The writing is beautiful, and I thought it was unique but amazing... Read More »