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  • Book cover a fire dancer's tale (3)
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    A Fire Dancer's Tale

    He sought fire, the Fire-Dancer did, and it obeyed him as a dog would obey his master.

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  • Book cover a beautiful little fool
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    A Beautiful Little Fool

    For the A Quote to Start, a Story to End Contest at 69 Figment Row.

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  • Book cover 5
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    Look A Little Closer

    For Project Figment Season 1 Prompt 5. Prompt: Wendell is a teenager who is constantly bullied because he is 'different'. One day, …

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  • Book cover king and lionheart (2)
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    King and Lionheart

    Based on the song 'King and Lionheart' by Of Monsters and Men.

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  • Paint me a story 12
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    Paint Me a Story

    *NOT FINISHED* Cover by: ℳґṧ▣ ℝ◎мαᾔт☤¢ Janus has been unable to draw anything, which for an artist is pretty hard. Until one da…

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  • Book cover the color of love (2)
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    The Color of Love

    *WINNER OF THE FIRST LOVE CONTEST* There is one rule you absolutely must follow: you never forget your first love and you never forget…

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Talk to me!


over 1 year ago voidwalker said:

make the one dear blood suckers a story plez. not just one page.


about 3 years ago Chris G said:

Hi, can you read Darkness Rising : Pre-War? (The one on the front page)

I will read anything up to 10,000 words long for the swap. If you react, heart, comment, or review I will do them for you if I deem it worthy.

Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


about 3 years ago Ochelissa said:

Hello! I would love to do a swap with you :D I will read whatever you want my dear friend! in return all I ask is if you check out my story 'Forget Me Not'


over 3 years ago Crystal Rose Selburn said:

 photo EccentricCoverShoppe_zps9b19259e.jpg

Hello! Sorry to bother you with my comment, but I just wanted to introduce you to my new cover shoppe here on Figment. Eccentrics' Cover Shoppe! Please feel free to join the group, the forum discussion, and apply for a cover to be made for one of your brilliant writing pieces. We're just starting out, so covers will be made fast and with quality! Thank you so much for reading! Please don't be shy, stop in! Thank you again!

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Of Fish and Weird Encounters With My Ex

(about 4 years ago)

<b>~What You Love cover contest prize~</b> First of all, I realize that it’s been a long time since the results for this contest cam... Read More »


(about 4 years ago)

<b>~What You Love cover contest prize~</b> You've created a suspenseful, edgy poem that handles what can be a tricky topic very well. ... Read More »