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    The Road to Jason

    Part one: Alyssa Harris growing up with next door neighbor, Jason Reed. Part two: Alyssa is determined to find Jason and to finally t…

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    Just a Crush

    The title says it all.

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    A Second Chance

    6/9/11 The beginning of the story actually happened to me today but the second part is well... I guess you'll figure it out. [COMPLE…

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    About a year ago Viola Barreras was raped on her birthday. Now a year has passed but she still remembers that horrifying night and to …

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almost 5 years ago Emily Swiers said:

Hi there, if you have time could you read my story REGRET (500 words long) and please leave a heart.

-Feel free to post on my wall if you would like me to return the favor! I am very sorry if I have posted this before.


almost 5 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hi :) I wrote something really short and I noticed that you're good with description and its a descriptive piece so I was wondering if you would take a look...? It's called 'To Love Most Tainted'. Oh and I'm Lexi by the way!


over 5 years ago Isabel Filippone said:

Dear Figgy Friend I don't plan to pretend That these aren't annoying And I am not toying All I ask For your task Is to read my story In all it's glory And give it an honest review And maybe a heart too

P.S. My story is called an Emptyness


over 6 years ago Amber R. H. said:

Oh okay! Thanks for reading some of it! It's my favorite work of mine right now!


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