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    <h1>*Work in Progress*</h1> A new year's resolution, one poem a day for one whole year. Something I have always wanted to try but neve…

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  • Image
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    The Keyless One

    <h1>Work in Progress</h1> In a utopian world where people's hearts are guarded by keyholes, Dahlia wonders if she will ever find the p…

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  • Veiled perfection
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    Veiled Perfection

    She thought the Elites were superior to the people who felt emotions that left scars on their skin. She thought that this was the way …

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  • Canva thinks & inks
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    Thinks & Inks

    <h1>Work in Progress</h1> A collection of short stories and poems written by yours truly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Started …

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  • Seeing red (2)
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    Seeing Red

    A knightess must save her kingdom but she can she save her heart in the process, too? <b>SHORT STORY</b> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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  • These walls can talk (2)
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    These Walls Can Talk

    A house on Hartford Avenue talks about the people that call her home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cover made with Canva ~~…

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7 days ago Chelsea Waters said:

You're welcome! It truly is a pleasure to read them- you're an incredible writer.

Me 1963

about 1 month ago Linda D said:

I don't know if I will move to underlined. I hardly go on Figment as it is.

Thanks for the support on my book. I have loved meeting all my writer friends here on Figment and it's sad that it's closing down.


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Kingdom Come

(over 1 year ago)

I AM HERE! So, you have to go read and comment on Thinks & Inks, thank you ;) ----------------------- Robin squeaked(,)throwing her... Read More »


(about 2 years ago)

Wow! I love reading and writing poetry, this cut me right to the core. The way you rhymed each line and then the dialogue between the cha... Read More »