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    Like Lightning from Heaven

    Jake is dead, but where is his precious Angela? Join him on an unforgettable, chilling search for his love in this fast-paced, dilemma…

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  • Not today cover
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    Not Today

    This is my first piece of flash fiction clocking in at 500 words. I wrote this on the car-ride home from vacationing at the beach. Hop…

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    Cottleston Pie

    I wrote this at 16 years old after reading "The Tao of Pooh" - I found it very inspirational.

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  • Ragtime
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    This story was inspired by Joplin's famous "Maple Leaf Rag" and other songs. I put on the CD and wrote this story to it! Music is SO i…

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    Coming of Age

    I wrote this when I was 17 years old, gathering inspiration from all sorts of places, but mostly from feeling out of place. I'm sure w…

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    I wrote this at 14 years old. It's about a girl who a tragic event causes the realization that it's never too late.

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about 4 years ago Summer Carter said:

Well hello there you beautiful follower you! I am starting a new novel (I always seem to be starting a new novel!) It's called "A Beautiful Tragedy" and I'm looking for swaps to read what is written so far. I would love you advice, and a swap will be returned, of course. Anyways, thank you for continuing to follow this unknown writer.


over 4 years ago Nicole said:

Click the display to join!

PS Sorry if I have already posted about this or if you are already a member of the group!


over 4 years ago Alice Grove said:

*This is not a swap request, nor is it for a contest!*

Hey, Kya!

I am trying to get bit more, well, publicity. I have decided to set myself a challenge, and I really want to see how many hearts I can get on my story 'Luna'. If you could leave a comment or review on it, that would be great, but a heart is fine (but only if you think I deserve it). If you don't have the time or you don't like advertisements, that is fine and I apologize. Thanks in advance if you do read it!


over 4 years ago Megan Benjamin said:

Hello fellow Fig! Care to swap? I'd love it you could read my short story "Backstage" on my profile, and in return, I'll read anything you want. Thanks!


over 4 years ago Abbey said:

Hey! Wanna swap? If so, please read "I Read Into Their Faces" and let me know what of yours you would like me to read. If you want to swap for more stories, let me know, and I'll read as many of yours as you read of mine! Thanks! :D

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The Scars of Being Broken

(over 3 years ago)

Exciting, thrilling, emotional, and gripping: exactly what a pieced of flash fiction should be like. This is an amazing glimpse into your... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

Wow - this was amazing. The author provided a great spin on the writing prompt... I love that the bad guy was actually the main character... Read More »