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  • Home for christmas
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    Christmas Miracle

    Liliah Clayton has five children and has spent the past almost three years coping with the loss of her husband, the father of her chil…

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  • Regret 2
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    Love is like an hourglass and regret is what comes after.

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  • Bleu
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    A story about the trials of marriage, temptation, distance and forgiveness.

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  • Come back to me
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    Come Back to Me

    When lost love, family, pain, loss and memories come together, what will be left standing?

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  • On the run
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    On the Run

    It was the last straw. After Katie's uncle hit her, leaving marks, her secret boyfriend, Julian, convinced her to run away with him. O…

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  • Remember her, lucky
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    Remember Her, Lucky?

    The accounts in letters from a randon unknown to Lucky Pearson going from his encounter with Hayley Pratt to the death of Hayley six m…

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3 days ago Space Cheatah said:

Hey I won't be able to post on trapped until I get home around 9:30 central time. Please don't get too far without me


3 days ago Space Cheatah said:

I'm at work until 9:30 central time. Ill have to reply when I get home because of how much we have to type. Please don't get far without me


3 days ago KateSea said:

Oh yeah that sounds interesting :)


7 days ago Crimson Sky said:

I just wanted to inform you that I'm leaving figment because I'm moving in real life. I only have four months to spend with my closest friends before I never see them again, and would like to spend every moment with them. I will be leaving any groups that I did not create, so I just wanted to inform you. I hope to talk to you again at some point in time.


8 days ago A.J Jennings said:

Oh sorry i forgot about that rule. I will make a male servant.

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Lying in Ashes

(over 1 year ago)

The final judging of ‘Lying in Ashes’ by Hannah B Nanna*! **SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY. VACATION WITH FAMILY THEN I GOT SICK AND YEAH… JUS... Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

<b> “Evanescence” by E. Anderson</b> Creativity: 9/10 Unlike Jessica, I feel like this story was pretty creative. Sure, it was a cl... Read More »