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  • Accident-broken-crash-spill-glass-damaged-1518063
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    Broken Promises

    The contest prompt was to write a poem, under 2,500 words, that begins with the line "My heart was shattered--battered--by you." En…

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  • Home for christmas
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    Christmas Miracle

    Liliah Clayton has five children and has spent the past almost three years coping with the loss of her husband, the father of her chil…

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  • Regret 2
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    Love is like an hourglass and regret is what comes after.

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  • Bleu
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    A story about the trials of marriage, temptation, distance and forgiveness.

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  • Come back to me
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    Come Back to Me

    When lost love, family, pain, loss and memories come together, what will be left standing?

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  • On the run
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    On the Run

    It was the last straw. After Katie's uncle hit her, leaving marks, her secret boyfriend, Julian, convinced her to run away with him. O…

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10 days ago Eowyn Doyle said:

Creative Contests is having a comeback! Please come check it out! Note: please remove your book from the member's books unless it has won a contest to prevent things from become cluttered.


10 days ago Etha G. said:

Hey! I was thinking of joining your roleplay, the Haunting, but I'm currently in a musical that takes up most of my evenings. The musical will be done in roughly two weeks, but after this week, I should have a lot more time to rp. If you'd prefer I didn't join, I completely understand, but if it would be alright for me to join and maybe make the minimum amount of characters, please let me know!


15 days ago A.J Jennings said:

(trying to save this RP. It's not dead yet but I want to keep it alive. It's easy to catch up on and I will be posting a summary soon. Join if you want. Sorry if you got this already)

1753, Chateau de Versailles

It's a beautiful era in the Gilded Cage. King Louis XV reigns over France, nobles spend their days in splendor, spreading scandal and waiting for the chance to gain more power in court. These days it seems like every noble has a secret, only waiting to get out. In a world away, the Third Estate is struggling with poverty. The common people are getting restless and angry at their government and only need a spark to start a revolt. The talk of rebellion is spreading throughout Paris. Talk about rebellion is starting to spread in the palace, but the court believes its the least of its worries.

Welcome to the gilded cage



21 days ago Kate Schroeder said:

Ooh, I like that! Are their abilities like related to their musical talent?

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Lying in Ashes

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The final judging of ‘Lying in Ashes’ by Hannah B Nanna*! **SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY. VACATION WITH FAMILY THEN I GOT SICK AND YEAH… JUS... Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

<b> “Evanescence” by E. Anderson</b> Creativity: 9/10 Unlike Jessica, I feel like this story was pretty creative. Sure, it was a cl... Read More »