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  • Remembered dreams
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    Remembered Dreams

    Copyright © 2017 Thank You Jessica Jesmore for the EPIC cover! I couldn't have asked for a better cover. So lately I have been having …

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  • Cover-normal
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    To My Mother

    I wrote this poem many many years ago when I was around 16 or was I 15? The night I wrote this poem my Step Father beat me so badly th…

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    Liar Like Me

    Copyright © 2017

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  • Hellish fun
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    Hellish Fun

    Thank you Jessica Jesmore for the AWESOME cover. I am in Hell. No that is not a figure of speech I am literally in hell but damn it if…

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  • Thezenithday2
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    The Zenith Day

    This is my FIRST Science Fiction story so please do not be hateful with your comments. Thank you Queen of Air and Darkness for the Fa…

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  • 20hvdd
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    Copyright © 2017. Thank you Daniel Jimenez for the perfect Cover Design!! This is a complete FICTIONAL story... one day sitting at my …

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Talk to me!


1 day ago Jessica Jesmore said:

Just wanted to thank you for the reviews you left for me :) I really appreciate them.

Better me

1 day ago McKenzie Gibbons said:

Hey Tasha!

Sorry for the confusion. I meant there were random words within sentences that had a capitalized first letter.


2 days ago Brianna Callanan said:

Sorry, it took so long to get back okay. I will get to it soon.


4 days ago The Buttonman said:

Thank you. I have a few people from my life i can think of to use to feel it. I'm going to tap into that and edit grotesque then put the edited version up when it's done. Thank you again.


4 days ago The Buttonman said:

Thank you for your feedback on Grotesque. Your words didn't upset me, they got me thinking. I was a little afraid to go full on with the abuse because i didn't want to scare people away, but to get the effect i want I can't leave things out. I've had personal experience with abuse as well so i get what you're saying about not leaving things out. If your offering I could use some help with showing the hate rather than just telling about it. Thank you again.

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My Reviews

The Disappearing Girl

(5 days ago)

Like she disappeared, like she was never there, like she never existed. Don't dead end it with 'Like she disappeared' that is too plain. ... Read More »

Voices in the Dark

(5 days ago)

I would say in the first chapter give some more attention to details, even the details you think may be insignificant to you could change... Read More »