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  • Remembered dreams
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    Remembered Dreams

    Copyright © 2017 Thank You Jessica Jesmore for the EPIC cover! I couldn't have asked for a better cover. So lately I have been having …

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  • Cover-normal
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    To My Mother

    I wrote this poem many many years ago when I was around 16 or was I 15? The night I wrote this poem my Step Father beat me so badly th…

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  • Hellish fun
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    Hellish Fun

    Copyright © 2017. Thank you Jessica Jesmore for the AWESOME cover. I am in Hell. No that is not a figure of speech I am literally in h…

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  • Thezenithday2
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    The Zenith Day

    This is my FIRST Science Fiction story so please do not be hateful with your comments. Thank you Queen of Air and Darkness for the Fa…

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  • 20hvdd
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    Copyright © 2017. Thank you Daniel Jimenez for the perfect Cover Design!! This is a complete FICTIONAL story... one day sitting at my …

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    I Have Hidden From You

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Talk to me!


10 days ago The Buttonman said:

I'm sorry to hear about what happened you can disregard my last message. It turns out we're neighbors by only a state away now. If you ever need to talk let me know.


10 days ago The Buttonman said:

I wrote a chapter around my snippet from grotesque if you're interested in reading it. You don't have to but if you could give me some feed back before I go into editing it I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


27 days ago BeautifulCreature said:

Heyo! I "heard" what happened, so no pressure when I say this, but the second chapter of Dancing In The Dark is 'almost' finished. So maybe it will answer some questions. You have my condolences, not that it will change anything, really. But I'm here for you, Yours truly- Beauti


29 days ago SardonicDoll said:

Oh my goodness Tasha! It is absolutely alright, you don't even need to finish the review if you don't want to. That sounds absolutely awful to go through and you have my sympathies. I greatly appreciate all that you've done for me so far.


about 1 month ago Paige Johnson said:

Hey, I'm promoting my story Brat. The first ch is about 7 mins. Would you care to do a comment/rev swap? Lemme know. Thanks.

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In the end...

(about 1 month ago)

Have you ever watched a loved one slowly die, they didn't give up but they were slowly dying as their body progressed to an age where the... Read More »

Dancing in the Dark

(about 1 month ago)

please I am begging you to continue this book... Is Lucas actually real? Is he a dream guy she created up? Did she really stop dancing? d... Read More »