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    Divine World: The Dusk

    *SNEEK-PEEK* ~ A current project of mine. I might post the first chapter as well. © 2014 Emily Bouffard All Rights Reserved

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    Daily Theme Challenges!

    Compilation of my daily themes entries.

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  • Tick tick tick
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    Tick, Tick, Tick

    I wrote this as my entry to the "Weekly Prompts" prompt; Hard work. Cover By: Ryanne Kap ------------------------- Winner of the…

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  • The photo
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    The Photo

    Assignment - Imagery: Write a story using detailed imagery while simultaneously being sure to "show," not "tell." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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  • Until thy silence be heard
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    Until Thy Silence Be Heard

    {{ENTRY FOR 2016 MARCH MADNESS ROUND 1}} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What does it feel like to be nothing? As a soul bound …

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  • My fault
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    My Fault

    Written for the March Match-up Round 2 prompt for fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Karl is the general of the revolutionary…

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about 1 year ago Syrem Shadows said:

Well for one I stopped being a whitewasher

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about 1 year ago Syrem Shadows said:

Haha I thought it would

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about 1 year ago Syrem Shadows said:

So what if I told you that I completely scrapped SoF and one night when I couldn't sleep I came up with a whole new concept for the entire story?


over 1 year ago ❤Alex❤ said:

Hey just started a new rp and want to know if you would like to join =)

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about 2 years ago Syrem Shadows said:

I know right.

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My Reviews

One Step at a Time

(over 2 years ago)

Well, here we go: I personally do not like this story very much. Admittedly, you've got a good idea and it's certainly better than the... Read More »

Fighting for Survival

(over 2 years ago)

Corrections in [] CHAPTER 3: Squashed Flat "... her best friend[, aside from Sol], dead." "It was the [Guards]." "The [Guard... Read More »