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about 1 year ago Ellie Williams said:


about 3 years ago Amelia Nightingale said:

(This is a swap or free read request to whoever is reading this.)

Hello there lovely reader! I have a favor to ask you (it it isn't as boring as it sounds, don't worry:).

I recently entered a contest that requires as many hearts as possible. Unfortunately, I joined Figment a little late and only began advertising my entry about a week before the contest ends. As impossible as it seems, I would like to get 350+ hearts on my writing piece by December 5th (the day the contest ends). I was hoping you would help me out and kindly read and heart my piece, True Sight

So yes, I am proposing a swap. Please do your best to get back to me as soon as possible, because the contest ends in a few days. I will try my best to return the swap within 24 hours, but I cannot guarantee I will. If the piece you would like me to read is an entry for the contest, please let me know so I read (and heart!) it before the contest ends.

I'd rather not go first on the swap as I'd like to get as many hearts as possible as soon possible, but I promise I will return the swap. :)

I'm sorry if I already asked you this before; it's hard to keep track.

Thank you for reading this to it's full extent.

Never stop doing what you love.


P.S. If your not open to swaps, please ignore this, although you are welcome to do free read. :)


about 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Could you please heart my story? (it's only 750 words) I will comment and heart any story of yours up to 2,000 words! Please help me by hearting it!

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