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  • Red_abstract
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    Contempt in the Kingdom

    A series of snapshot-style instances in the life of a princess, her childhood, and the dark prophecy she is plagued by whether she bel…

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  • Cherryblossom
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    Being A Lockewood

    Alice Lockewood is just trying to fit in and make friends at her new school, but then again, she's anything but normal. And after her …

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  • Bestfriends
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    My best friend is dying. What more can I say?

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  • Glasses2
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    Falling in love wasn't part of the plan. Hell, I didn't expect it to happen when I was 17 years old. But I was shot by Cupid's arrow a…

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  • Water
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    Life After Death

    Look, don't judge me just because I commited suicide. I have my reasons -Serenity H.

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  • The_heart
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    Fifteen year old Olivia Walker has led a fairly decent life since the death of her father six years ago. Now living in an apartment wi…

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2 minutes ago McKenzie Gibbons said:

Hey I would love to swap! If you could review my novel, "Breathless", I'd really appreciate your feedback. It's only a prologue and two chapters, currently, so I'll read and review the first three chapters of "Contempt in the Kingdom"!

I'll get your review up tonight! Thank you so much!


about 1 hour ago Ada Townsend said:

Hi! I have just posted your review. Sorry for the delay; I only had time to read a few chapters at once and I really wanted to review it all in one like you suggested. Anyway, let me know if you have any further questions. I really enjoyed the book!!!


1 day ago Mari said:

Hi I was wondering if you'd be interested in a swap! I'm working on a novel called "The Dark Triad" that I'm looking for feedback on, though I have some shorter poems as well if you would prefer! Just let me know! Thanks :)


4 days ago Tanuma Kuroyike said:

Sure, I don't mind swapping. Can you read 'Only us' haha, thanks in advance!


4 days ago Scarlet Warrior said:

Right, most of my poems are, some aren't but if u do read more beware of cuts

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Mandie and the secret holidays

(4 months ago)

This was good, just remember to use commas and semicolons more- they are your friends! I'm sure you're already aware of the minor spellin... Read More »

Reflection in the Mirror

(about 3 years ago)

Very good poem you have here, and I love the message. I just have a problem with the way it's written, it was a little hard to follow, bu... Read More »