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    Harley Lane was your description of 'Plain Jane'. She was overweight with mud-brown hair, and dark green eyes. She wasn't the best loo…

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over 4 years ago M.H. said:

Hey there, fellow Fig. I hate to sound pushy, but I'm wondering if you could do me a favor. A close friend of mine is currently in the Eleanor and Park First Love contest, and she's struggling to keep her spot in the top ten, especially since the contest ends tonight at five eastern time. I think she's got a fantastic entry, though, and she asked me to help spread the word. Would you be willing to read What You Want for her? She'll do any kind of swap (as long as it's not for other First Love entries or over about six minutes). Just read her piece, heart it if you like it, and comment on her profile telling her that you heard about it through me, and she'll finish up her end of the swap as soon as she can.

We completely understand if you don't want to swap, and hope you have a nice day. :) Thanks!



over 4 years ago Lee Ryder said:

Thanks for the swap!


over 4 years ago R A Black said:

Hiya, I read Exposed for you. Could you read some of In the Year of Steam and Sorcery for me? Don't feel you have to read it all, but I'd appreciate any feedback you have about it!



over 4 years ago Amy Ong said:

Hi! I just read "Exposed". Thanks for sharing it with me!


over 4 years ago A Girl That Writes said:

i'll read it right now :)

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