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about 2 years ago Dassi said:

Hey there, fellow whovian! I just completed the first two chapters of a Doctor Who fanfic that had been hammering on my mind and insisting on being written down (I'm sure I don't need to explain that feeling to you), and I would love to hear the opinions of whovians like yourself. Any reviews, hearts, or criticism would be greatly appreciated. The story is called Time Lords of Atlantis, and I'd be honored if you'd take a look at it. Thank you!


over 2 years ago ALinkToThePast said:


An interactive book. Have you ever had a book in your hand, and hoped the main chaarcter would not say that? Not go down that stairs? Say yes in an important situation?

Won't happen here.

Since you yourself will write the next chapter!! Heart If you want to join the story :)


over 2 years ago Therion said:

Dear Adventurer,

I humbly request you come to a new hold in Skyrim, just past Fort Dawnguard. I ask you, a citizen of the empire, to come and live under the new Jarl, the Dragonborn.

The reason I write to you, and many others, is because the area of the new hold is too dangerous for most folk to think of going there. The Dragonborn advised I write to some of the empire's best, so I write to you.

Along with the Dragonborn many others will be coming to the new hold, including the hero of Kvatch. It will be more than safe enough for you to move here. I have provided 50,000 gold along with this letter so you will have enough funds to make the trip and build a new home.

Thank you.


The High Queen Of Skyrim.


over 2 years ago Zach Wilder said:

I love doctor who! And Supernatural!

Black horse 55

almost 3 years ago Misty Archer said:

Hello fellow Loki fan/supporter. I have a simple request, would you like to join Loki's Army and get the group back up and running? It would be a pleasure to work with you *bows*

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(almost 6 years ago)

I actually say, "I'm gonna be authoring if you need me." I really like this idea and I'm gonna use it, I hope you don't mind! Read More »


(about 6 years ago)

That was amazingly written (and maybe this review would be, too, if I wasn't typing with one hand and drying my hair with the other). I r... Read More »