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  • I keep having dreams that you'll let me come back home
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    i keep having dreams...

    (inspired off of the song "i keep having dreams that you'll let me come back home" by little spoon. Cameron can't speak. He doesn'…

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  • The tara list
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    The Tara List

    24-year-old Tara Sojourner is on her way to traveling around the world and the U.S. after her mother died and her suffocating hometown…

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  • Bluebirds
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    Living in a horror filled life, the only that keeps her there is her brother. Or more so, the only thing keeping her brother there is …

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almost 4 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

Hi, I just thought I'd let you know that I've updated "Love Letters (Revised)". You gave me some really good feedback on the first version, so I thought I'd mention it in case you were interested in reading :) Thanks!


over 4 years ago Kayla Thaler said:

Hey, I was wondering if you would want to check out my story, "Demon." Sorry if I have bugged you, I just want more feedback on it. I will do a review swap with you if you want. Thanks!

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over 4 years ago Marina Harper said:

http://figment.com/books/663294-Angels-really-do-exist Hello, sorry to be a bother, but I'm entered in a contest, and I was wondering if you's be awesome to read 'Angels really do exist' if you could heart it that'd be great (it IS a heart based contest) but most of all I'd like some feedback. In return I'll read/heart/review one of your books. Have a nice awesome wonderful day :)


over 4 years ago Jasmine Shabazz said:

Hey would you mind free reading my story "Corruption"? This will not be a swap!


over 4 years ago Ryanne Kap said:

Hi there! I was wondering if you'd read my six-minute story "Lorem Insanium" for me. If you'd like to make it a swap, by all means go ahead :)

PS If you ever want a cover, go to the group "Want a Cover?" and click on "Ryanne's Cover Requests" in the discussions :)

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(over 4 years ago)

This was pretty interesting, and it had me caught on with the first sentence. I felt like there could have been more backstory? Are you g... Read More »

Saving Summer

(over 4 years ago)

Wow! I really liked this! It's different from any other "healer" story. I liked Ac's personality, and I like their relationship. I felt m... Read More »