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almost 4 years ago Bronwyn Mary Chance said:

Hi! I don’t know if you remember, but a few days ago you gave me some really helpful query advice. I’m working on rewriting my query and I have a few more questions. If you could answer them for me, that would be great! How much of the plot should I reveal? My story has a fairly complicated plot, which gets more complicated as the book goes on. A lot of secrets are revealed along the way. Should I say what those discoveries are? Also, what would be a good length to shoot for? Thank you so much for your time! If you’re too busy to help me out, I completely understand, you just seem really knowledgeable on the subject. Have a great day!


about 4 years ago Kymberli Roberson said:

Hi Julie, it's me again! Would you be interested in critiquing my synopsis for me? I'll return the favor by critiquing something of yours. Drop me a line on my wall, okay.


about 4 years ago Laura Dirk said:

I would just like to say you are amazing, I spent my night looking through all of your comics and agreeing with many of them. The website is now bookmarked. A-mazing.


about 4 years ago Kymberli Roberson said:

Thanks that helps a lot. I've gotten opinions from all over the spectrum and I wasn't sure what to do.

I think I'll ask my critique partner why she wants to be so business-like instead of on a friend to friend basis.


about 4 years ago Kymberli Roberson said:

Hi Julie I've asked this question once before on the forum, nut I figure I'd better get some expert advice on this.

I recently got a new critique partner and we exchanged the first four pages of ours tory and edited them to see if we're compatible. After that we both agreed that we'd like to work together on critiques, but then my critique partner sent me a list of questions to answer such as: Are you self-publishing or going through an agent? How many revisions have you done so far? Which writers inspire you? What genre is your story and what is it's blurb?

I don't have a problem answer these questions, but I'm curious about why it matters if I'm going to self-publish or go traditional. The thing is my critique partner claims to be published and I've checked her out to make sure she's legit, (she is a self-published author and she claims to have edited many manuscripts in addition to publishing her own).

I have answered the above questions after receiving mixed views on this from several other people. Are these normal questions that critique partners ask before you actually start critiquing? My only experience with critique partners is with the ones here on Figment.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Congrats on getting published!

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