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    Maya & Danielle Forever

    In a small, peaceful town, two outcast teens meet at the local cafe. One deaf by a childhood sickness and the other mute by birth, th…

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    A king is after legendary Zodiac children, their animals and their power. Twelve animals, twelve children. All of their lives have bee…

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  • Girl-in-the-snowstorm-20241-1920x1200
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    Hope of Survival

    Girl seeing the future of her death.

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  • Ladybirdcool[1]
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    Spots Fear

    About a ladybug who is afraid to fly and learns through hardship and friends that there's nothing to be afraid of.

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  • Mud[1]
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    Who is she?

    Girl found encased in mud after a storm and her founder, as well as herself, are trying to figure out who she is.

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  • 300x300[1]
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    3 poems all about photography. :)

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Talk to me!


11 days ago Dawn Kearns said:

I believe you owe me a swap. It's okay if you can't get to it for a while; I would just like to make sure you did not forget.


13 days ago Ritu said:

Hey Arietta I don't remember if I told you but I was owning swap to you. Well I read Maya and Danielle Forever and left some feedback. I am supposed to read Willow now and I can't wait to do it! As for your side of the swap, please read the first two chapters of Clash Of Wands and any work you find interesting. Thank you...have a great day! Bye!

Better one

13 days ago September Edenshaw said:


There is a brand new newsletter for Figment writers! This particular newsletter is a division of Figgie Fighters, the ever popular group doing everything they can to keep Figment alive and well.

This newsletter will have advice and lessons, feature Figgies just like you, and keep you up to date on Figment news! That's not even the best part... no...

The best part is it's written by YOU.

You don't have to commit long term. In fact, if you don't want to write an article, don't! For those of you who are interested in writing an article, just put in your application. Lucky applicants will have their article featured in the newsletter. Anyone who does have their article featured will have a free, in-depth review from us!

We accept around five to seven articles each week, depending on size of the articles submitted.

Click here to learn more!


13 days ago Tiny Viking said:

Sorry I don't want to be impolite, but I hope you haven't forgotten about my review? It's for Black Milk ^^


13 days ago Venus (!Hiatus!) said:

Okay! I'll read two chapters because my work Copper is only two chapters so far and I like to swap evenly.

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My Reviews

The Memoirs Of A Psychic Person

(15 days ago)

Chapter One As much as I REALLY like Ch 1 and the poem, how relatable it is, I don’t see how this chapter connects to the rest of the st... Read More »

A Martyr's Death

(26 days ago)

Holy cow! First of all the MC is me in a nutshell. Was so surprised to read her personality is just like mine, lol. Second o all, its rea... Read More »