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over 4 years ago Alex Epicness said:

Want to ask my characters more questions, find out about updates, watch my book trailer, or ask me a question? Go to The Summer of Star website to do so! Thanks(:



over 4 years ago Alex Epicness said:

If you are interested, I just added another chapter to The Summer of Star! If you decide to read more, thank you! (:



over 4 years ago Jazmin Avila said:

Hey! A month ago you read my book Behind the Mask. Just wanted to let you know that it's finished, and book two has been posted called, 'Under the Moon'. Come check it out!


over 4 years ago IzzyFizzy said:

Hey there! I come here with a proposition. I have written a short story (a six minute read) for the summer romance contest. I'd be willing to read something of yours (up to around 10 minutes long, please) if you took your time to read my piece and, if you like it, push that little heart button. Critiques are very gladly appreciated, as I'll be sure to do to yours if I see anything. Just tell me whatever you want me to read and I'll get right to it! For the swap, please read Love (1927). Thanks! ~Izzy


over 4 years ago Kayla said:

Hello! Would you like to swap some feedback? Please read, “Names” and I will return what I receive, whether a comment or a review. Any story is fine as long as it is the approximate length as mine. Thanks! And if I already asked you than I'm sorry for asking again!

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Foreign Matters

(over 4 years ago)

I agree with the below poster about the math part, though. It's not a huge deal, just something you might wanna look into. Read More »