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  • Evanescent flame
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    Evanescent Flame

    Lyra Springs is alone. Orphaned. Hiding and Unprotected. If anyone found out what she is she'd surely be executed. The year is 3050 an…

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  • Blue blood for figment
    • 79
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    The Eternals: Blue Blood

    Immortality is no longer safe. Serenity Hollow has been sleeping for seven years after her father decided she needed protection from t…

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  • The story of gracie lee
    • 37
    • 7

    The Story Of Gracie Lee

    This is the story of Gracie Lee and how one rumour can send you crazy.

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  • Faded
    • 14
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    A ghost story of a damaged girl missing her little boy.

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  • Miss dryheart1
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    Miss Dryheart

    Her mouth has no words. Her face has no smile. And her heart is completely empty. A story of silent love, the purest you'll ever fi…

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  • Dear journal
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    Dear Journal

    Dear Journal I have something to tell you. About my love, about my summer and about my secret romance... I'm going to make this in to…

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(almost 4 years ago)

Lovely coffee, I could practically taste it through your words! Beautiful wording and lovely lines! Read More »

The teenage years

(over 4 years ago)

I can totally relate to this right now. You've written this amazingly :) Read More »