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    The Clone

    What if you woke up and realized that your whole life is a lie? What if you had memories that didn’t belong to you, but somehow you re…

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    Horsetrader's Daughter

    **I will continue to update it as it comes** In a world of dragons, pirates and magic, comes a thrilling adventure that will pull…

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about 17 hours ago Jessica Jesmore said:

I have posted my next review for you :) Sorry for the delay.


1 day ago Jessica Jesmore said:

Just wanted to let you know that I am working on the next review for our swap. I have been unexpectedly busy lately, so I am a few days behind. Sorry! I plan to have it done tomorrow :)

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3 days ago Lizzi said:

I was wondering if you would like to swap? If so please read the first chapter of my newest project "Pink Lemonade" and leave an honest opinion about it along with whatever you would like me to read in response. have a blessed rest of your day xoxo ~Lizzi


4 days ago julia isabelle said:

Thanks! Yeah I self published through CreateSpace, it's part of Amazon. It was super easy and didn't cost any money as long as didn't use any extra services. I will say I won't be self publishing again though because you have to do your own marketing/promo. I think I rushed it because I really wanted to be published, so this time I have been in contact with some agents and I'm gonna do it right haha :)

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4 days ago Nicolas Abo said:

Hello there! Are you interested in a swap? If so, read my "Catastrophe, Pacifism and Honour"(40 minutes) and I'll read any work of yours as long as it's not more than an hour long ^^. Have a good day!

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The Luna Effect

(3 days ago)

Prologue I LOVED the poem! Only thing though, I’m curious as to how it is relevant... (I skipped 12, but I think this number is impo... Read More »

The Heartbreak Hotel

(3 days ago)

Chapter 2: I went back and re-read the last paragraph of Chapter One, and personally think the ending was a little boring. I think the ... Read More »