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    The King Without A Crown

    Picture this. A beautiful meadow, blanketed with flowers of all colors with a turquoise blue sky stretching above you, dotted with puf…

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    Alexis is a broken girl living in a broken world.

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    It's Amey

    Myths aren't just myths, are they? What if they were true? What if they decided it was time for Earth to come to an end? And as the wo…

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about 1 month ago Rose Johnson said:

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An award to you, for being a cookie monster, eating all of those different cookies is hard work! Smile :D


4 months ago Bailey Bagwell said:

Of course! Feel free to use my poem if you give me credit! Which website are you going to post it on, out of curiosity? I used to be big on a few.


5 months ago Rose Johnson said:

I'm helping promote a great friend. He has all kinds of amazing work. Check him out and share this please!!!


5 months ago Boo said:

ok I did two chapters tonight so who wants to come read "My Cute Life"? I told ya'll how she started dating John AND her wedding!! I'll write more soon!! Dont forget to tell your frineds to come read! It's getting good!! Next starts her life with her kid, husband, pet Do you think she can make it? Do you think she'll be a good mom? Do you think she is amazing with her husband? Come back and check on my story every day to see if I have one up! You won't want to miss what is coming up with Elisabeth and her family!!

THIS IS A FREE READ!! I do not read in return!!! If you do not do free reads I am very sorry!!!


5 months ago Boo said:

Well if you haven't read Elisabeth's life then your missing a lot. I just added a new chapter! :) Do you wanna know how her and her husband first met? Well come on over and read it!! Don't forget to tell your friends so they don't miss out on it too! Oh and don't forget to tell me how you liked this chapter! And tell me who you like the book so far!! Grammer/typos I always have! I will fix them if you point them out.

So here's the link to "My Cute Life"

I'll be writing more tomorrow! :) You'll be able to see when they first started dating! Then there wedding!!!! EKKK!! Than Elisabeth's life right now! :) So what are you waiting for click on that link and go read "My Cute Life"

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