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    The King Without A Crown

    Picture this. A beautiful meadow, blanketed with flowers of all colors with a turquoise blue sky stretching above you, dotted with puf…

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    Alexis is a broken girl living in a broken world.

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    It's Amey

    Myths aren't just myths, are they? What if they were true? What if they decided it was time for Earth to come to an end? And as the wo…

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over 2 years ago ℬøø said:

Amber having been recently widowed, moves into a new house, with her four children and one unborn child.

When she was younger and in high school, she pulled a prank on a younger student. That young girl always got picked on by the popular girls in school. Amber was one of the people in that group. The week of Halloween, the group pulled a prank on the young girl.

Feeling lost and hopeless after the prank, she ran away, trying to escape the horrific "nightmare" she was having.

She ran off into the dark night, leaving the laughing group behind her. She ran until her legs gave out. She was on the side of a cliff when she decided to jump.

She had always been the lonely and sad girl. Going from care centers to care centers. Nobody loved her, and that night was the night she left her life behind her.

Since Jordan came back, going to everyones house that tormented her that Halloween, her plan was to kill them all, with only Amber left, will Amber be strong enough to fight be or will she be gone like the rest of the "Friends"

When she ends up in the house that Amber has bought, does she ruin Amber's life, or will she take it out on the unborn child?


Want to read? Well head on over to my page and go a head!

(This is a free read, I apologize if you don't like to do free reads, if you don't like ads, or if you already have gotten this message! :) But thank you in advance in you end up reading it! :) I really appreciate it!



over 3 years ago ℬøø said:

Hi! :) This is a free read.....Please check out my new story Hidden secrets! :) A comment and a heart would be nice....

Before Stella started dating Cody, she was dating this other guy, Davis. But when Stella tells Cody that she is pregnant, and its not his baby how is he going to take it? Will he help her through the last few months of her pregnancy or will he run away and not come back. Before Stella tells Cody the one secret she is keeping from everyone but her family Cody proposes. Will the wedding still be on or is the wedding off....

I'm sorry if you do not like ad's to story on your profile. But if you would pass the link around to your friend/followers! :) Thanks in advance.

For faith

over 3 years ago Rose Johnson said:

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An award to you, for being a cookie monster, eating all of those different cookies is hard work! Smile :D


over 3 years ago Bailey Bagwell said:

Of course! Feel free to use my poem if you give me credit! Which website are you going to post it on, out of curiosity? I used to be big on a few.

For faith

almost 4 years ago Rose Johnson said:

I'm helping promote a great friend. He has all kinds of amazing work. Check him out and share this please!!!

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