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over 3 years ago Be said:

URGENT: Hey there, I am looking for an urgent critique on my roughly 1000 word story for an URGENT deadline! I NEED THE CRITIQUE BY (at the latest) 10PM EST TODAY. If you're in, please let me know. I cannot be sure if I will be able to return the critique. The story is Class Clown.


almost 4 years ago Miranda Adkins said:

Get published in a professional literary magazine! The Municipal Triangle is an up-and-coming online lit mag for teens and college students which is looking for submissions for its first issue! Poetry and prose of all types and genres are welcome! The deadline for submissions is March 25, 2014 at 11:59 pm. Send your submissions to, and like The Municipal Triangle on Facebook at


about 4 years ago Shanav Mehta said:

Hey, so I was wondering whether you'd be interested in a swap. I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism on my work, and the occasional appreciation isn't frowned upon either. If you're interested in swapping, have a look at any of the following stories (whichever interests you most): 'Exubrance', 'A Beautiful Heart', or '99 Days' and just leave a review/ comment. Then just post on my wall and let me know what you'd like me to read and I'll review it as soon as possible. Also, I only trade constructive criticism; I believe that the rest should depend entirely on the quality of the story. So I hope hearts/follows are completely dependant on the piece of work you read. Thanks.


over 4 years ago Natalie Rae said:

Hey :) Would you please read/heart/comment/review my novel, Christian Diaries #1? I'll swap for something :) Thanks!!

xoxo-- Natalie Greco

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