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About Me: yo! my name is Hailey. I'm a writer, webcomic/tumblr artist, shipping trash, ISTP, avid reader, and basically lazy in general.

Published Books

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    There She Goes Again

    Ever since childhood it's been Thai's dream to be a detective. All hope seemed lost until her help is needed to solve a big mystery. Someone is after Margaret Quartermane, the very rich owner of the Quartermane mansion, and has made it clear they're out for her blood. Going undercover in the sprawling estate, Thai must use her investigating skills to track down the killer before it's too late. With mystery, suspense, and a whole lot of winging it, it's up to Thai to solve the case and save the Quartermanes!

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    Dixie Lestrade has nothing to look forward to but a boring summer spent with her crazy Aunt in the middle of nowhere. And she is not happy about it. That is, until she falls down a hole which leads to The Other Side. A place where every fairytale is true and all the characters live in peace. But villains and shadows are escaping to the real world, threatening everything. With the aid of the White Rabbit, it's up to Dixie to bring the characters back where they belong. With adventure, romance, and suspense, Dixie is in for the summer of her life. If she survives.

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    In Len's ancient kingdom, things are amiss. A great shadow looms over the people with kings fighting, queens plotting betrayal, and a dark dictator ruling it all, undetected. Nineteen year-old Len Raegan tends his land until adventure knocks on his door. Charging straight into danger, he explores the true meaning of bravery. Enter Len's kingdom and discover what love, sacrifice, and justice are all about.

Figment Writings

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    Ink Stains

    The last thing Devin Maple needed in her life was being exiled to stay with her grandparents in their home in Ashland, Oregon. All bec…

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    The Moons of Jupiter

    It's the year 2147, Earth has been thrown into a war with extraterrestrials, dubbed Moonies, from the moons of Jupiter. Posey Scott ha…

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    Far into the future the world has taken a step backwards entering the Era of Change. The world is full of clocks, blimps, gears, and m…

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  • Runaway


    Breitta O'Niell is a normal seventeen year-old living in District 12, just working to survive. With the 74th Hunger Games coming up ev…

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Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!



over 1 year ago Josephine said:

Hello Hailey, I was wondering if you would like to swap? If so, please read my poem, 'Slayer of the Sun', and post on my wall what to read in return. Thanks.