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    This is not a love story. This is a story on how love ended.

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    This Might End Up A Story

    [If I Fall Book 2] Hindi lahat ng sequel ay maganda. Bakit ayaw niyong maniwala? WILL UPDATE THIS SOON

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    Battle of the Exes

    [Originally posted on Wattpad] Break hearts, don't fall in love again. TAGLISH Character charts: http://i45.tinypic.com/szhl3q.jpg /…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Edson Galvesolo said:

hello po ate leng :) .. isa ka po sa mga idol ko na author :) .. grabe ang ganda po ng if i fall .. at di ko alam may book 2 pala :) .. hehe

ingat po lagi :))


almost 3 years ago K.T.Beck said:

Hey. Want to swap? If so, could you please check out my swap policy read Lady of Asgard and comment if you would b interested in reading more? Thank you for your time and have a great day!


almost 3 years ago Angelaaaa said:

Yow Ate Leng =) This account is made just for you. I've been following you from your blogspot to scribd then now here in figment. I just wanna tell you that TDG is my favorite story ever


almost 3 years ago Ohsnapitsclar said:

MS. AUTHOR. HELLO PO. I made this account para maibigay ko yung comment ko. Grabe, ang ganda po nung The Despicable Guy even tho wala pa ako sa kalahati ng Book 1. I mean, Kakaiba taaga sa lahat. I was really fangirling in the first place kasi UP LB yung campus. Marami akong malalaman about UP LB. Hihi. I really do hope na pumasa ako kahit sa UP LB man lang. I wanna see you tho. :) God Bless po! You're one of my favorite authors.


almost 3 years ago Abigail Black said:

I've written the first seven chapters of my book, Behind the hidden face, and I was hoping you could go and check it out. Maybe comment on it? Thank you, hope I wasn't bothering!:)

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