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    Stories always start with once upon a time and end with happily ever after, but what happens when it doesn't end with a happily ever a…

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  • Shin-ah(2)
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    Cinderella Boy

    Two teens. One camera... Dylan and Kaylee are doing a social experiment on popularity, called Cinderella boy ***AN: Unlike my othe…

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  • Red_witch_fire_fantasy_burning_abstract_hd-wallpaper-1804273
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    The Untamed

    You're only a monster if people say you are... and sometimes you might ask yourself who is the true monster?

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    The Hunter's Wife

    Teresa James just wanted to be wild and free. So when she is, more or less, forced to marry a man she hates, she gets thrown into a da…

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  • Pierrefonds_castle____camelot_chapel_by_morgainependragon-d56yy0z
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    I never thought my life could change in one night. I was driving home from a party I should have never gone to and accidentally ran a …

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    Phoenix Rising

    That one night changed everything! It look away my prefect high school life! I lost everything that day, my Boyfriend and my Friends. …

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10 days ago jason (NO SWAPS or group ads) said:

No worries. I don't trust people either. That's why there was a gap between those posts because I was gonna wait til you were there to make sure no one saw it. I couldn't really think of another way to stay in touch so I just did that half paying attention.


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From Behind the Shadows

(about 2 years ago)

I was hooked since the first few sentences, and it made me want to read more! Overall I found no grammar issues or anything like that... Read More »


(about 2 years ago)

I really like this idea, and I don't think I ever came across a story that uses 2nd person point of view. It actually helps with the desc... Read More »