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    Chronic Illness

    This is just a song I randomly wrote.... obviously not finished but I'm kind of stuck with it so I thought I'd at least get some insig…

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    The Sound

    This is one of my personal favorites, mainly because of the length, but I also like the meaning. This poem, I think, is the one that I…

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    Hide and Seek

    This is one of my free verse poems, enojoy! (:

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    A Summer Stolen

    Something happened to Christina Shae Mebourne that summer day at the school. Something that would light a fuse of chaotic events in Ch…

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    Words In A Composition Notebook

    This is a work in progress that I've been writing for about a year and a half.... Yeah, it's not much for a year and a half, but I've …

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    You And I Will Never Be

    Just about a person... Who got a little too cocky and expected me to feed their ego. Guess what I have to say about that?

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about 3 years ago J.C. Marie said:

Hi there. Would you like to swap poems? If you read one of my new poems, either "Wondrous Child, This is Life" or "Majesty is Subjective," I will read any piece of yours that you wish, as long as it is under 2000 words. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to possibly reading your work.

J.C. Marie

The vampire diaries

almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

Hey would you like to swap with me? (:


almost 5 years ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

Hey. Would you care to swap? If so could you please read "Words" Comments and hearts appreciated. It's a minute long. I'd prefer something under 5 minutes to read for you in return. Thank you for reading this and have a fantastic day. :)

Me 2

almost 5 years ago Beatriz Romero said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? If so, please read and heart "Gwen" if you like it. I will happily read anything of yours in return :)


almost 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Hi. :) Can we swap? I would appreciate if you read my 3 min piece "Vengeance is Never Sweet". I'll read anything of yours in return, just let me know on my wall. Thanks!


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What. The. Heck.

(over 6 years ago)

I think this story line is EXCELLENT and very intriguing and original. It was very captivating and I couldn't stop reading. The only thin... Read More »


(over 6 years ago)

This seriously just made me cry. And... that might sound stupid, but I COMPLETELY KNOW THIS FEELING! D: God I miss drama.... haha. I rela... Read More »