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About Me: Author of romance/YA/new adult novellas Interim Goddess of Love, Queen of the Clueless, My Imaginary Ex, Fairy Tale Fail, Love Your Frenemies and others

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almost 4 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:

Hello dear figment world, my name is Carlos and I am an aspiring writer who dreams of a writing career. I'm sure I share a similar dream with most of you. I'm on figment in an attempt to build a fanbase and improve my writing. In the time that I've been on this site, I've already learned and improved so much. I would be honored if you were willing to read a short story of mine and provide some feedback. I would be happy to return the favor, just post what you would like me to read on my wall. Becoming a successful author is my dream and I've decided to risk everything to chase my dream. I'm taking time off from college to pursue this dream of mine and I would be grateful if you decided to read some of work. If you like what I wrote and only if YOU think I'm worthy of it, I would be honored if you followed me. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day.

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almost 4 years ago M.C. Topham said:

Hey, care to swap? I will read one of yours if you will read Waiting for FLames. Let me know.

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almost 4 years ago R. L. Whetten said:

Hello fellow writer! Would you like to swap with me? If so, please read my short story "Above Suspicion" and let me know what you would like me to read. Thank you, and happy writing!


over 4 years ago Broken_Angel1024 said:

Hey care for a swap if so could you please read Love at First Run and in return please post on my wall what you would like me to read thank you


over 4 years ago Dannes Canencia said:

I already have your books! Looking forward to the book 2 of Interim Goddess of Love!

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