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about 4 years ago Kia Alan said:

Interested in the daily whovian news? Stop on by!

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about 4 years ago Dipreads by V.L. said:

Good day!


about 4 years ago v.c. snow said:

Hey, we swapped a while back. Remember my novel, "Edyn: the Infected"? Well, I'm currently wanting to get quotes to post to my website and my two Facebook pages (Word of Edyn and Edyn the Infected) and I was wondering if you would like your comment to be on my website and FB pages? Your comment was great so that's why I want to use it. :)

Please let me know if you are interested. If so, write your real name and age on my wall. Thanks! :D


about 4 years ago Allison Rose said:


over 4 years ago Kia Alan said:


I'm sharing the news with all my followers that I have created a fun group here on figment! In Kia Alan's Fan Base you'll get to know some pretty essential things for making it big, or a little more entertaining for you and your readers, in the writing business. Here you'll see sneak peaks for new books from many assorted writers here on Figment, you'll get to chat one-on-with Kia Alan about any questions you may have, you can take creative writing courses, enter contests and more! I hope stop by and I can't wait to see if you stick around.

Currently hiring for assorted positions - come and apply!


Be sure to check out our partnerships and their groups, too. Thank you!

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(over 4 years ago)

hello! We are here from the swap! I wake up to the sound of the wind [,] softly making its way across my ears, whispering in an unknown... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

This was so inspirational! It is so relateable that everyone can see themselves in this piece! It was really really well done! ~TheJane... Read More »