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    Letting Go

    I would deeply appreciate it if someone has the time to thoroughly review the "deeper meaning" or "message" I'm trying to convey. Than…

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    Hey, I'm new at this, so it would mean a lot if you guys could take some time to read this and tell my how to improve! Victoria is …

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about 4 years ago Lily Chen said:


over 4 years ago Katie said:

Hi, would you be interested in a swap? If you read my stories flapper girl, or if thats not your style, beauty vs beast and left a wee review or comment, i would do the same for you in return :)


over 4 years ago Tyanna J Snider said:

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over 4 years ago Krystal Fragoso said:

Swap? If so, please read Dangerous Love, heart if you like, and then post on my page what you would like me to read. Thanks in advance!


over 4 years ago Lincoln Phoenix said:

http://figment.com/groups/17700-Downtown-Figment & http://figment.com/groups/16561-The-Imaginarium

I am terribly sorry if you don't like group adverts/wall posts, are already a member, have seen this message before and/or alergic to cookies. *hands a large, fluffy teddy bear* I hope you will accept my apologizes.

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My Heart

(over 4 years ago)

I enjoyed this a lot because I, and probably many others, understand this feeling. To be honest, I'm not really adept with writing review... Read More »

Stand for What's Yours

(over 4 years ago)

The Civil War isn't something that interests me all that much. Also, I don't have much knowledge about it either. However, based on the w... Read More »