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    Flowers and Casseroles

    Norah had been lost to jealousy, but Sarah had seen it all. Cover by Brooklyn Schroeder

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    Seven Devils

    Cynthia has held a dark secret for eight years. What could drive her to murder? Short story for the song Seven Devils by Florence and …

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    Bright Lights

    An elderly woman wakes up one morning to discover that everything has changed. What will happen to her? Cover by Lydia S.

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  • Orphan's lament cover
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    Orphan's Lament

    Charity is eleven years old. She lives in the New York slums. After being talked into joining a dangerous gang, she finds herself just…

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  • Letters
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    Creative letters between a babysitter and her employers. Better than it sounds. I am thinking of adding more to it. Cover by B.Graham

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    Young Friendship

    The beginning of a young friendship. The cover was made by Georgie K

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Color of Life

(over 4 years ago)

First off, there are a lot of spelling errors. These are some that should be changed as they are very noticeable-- Third sentence: “ha... Read More »