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over 2 years ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey! Would you like to swap with me? Something for my story "The Rest"?


over 4 years ago Rose said:

Could you please read my story "Little Flower"? I will gladly read something of yours if you want. Hearts are appreciated, and thanks for your time.


almost 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Hi. :) Can we swap? I would appreciate if you read my 3 min piece "Vengeance is Never Sweet". I'll read anything of yours in return, just let me know on my wall. Thanks!


Beach girl

over 5 years ago Natasha V. said:

Hola, amigo. :) Basically, the story's this: I would like to swap with you. If you are interested, please leave the name of the story you would like me to read on my wall, and in return, I would love if you could read my story "Never Again". If you hate wall swap posts, I'm really sorry. I'm an awful person, I get it. And also if I've already asked you, just ignore this. Sorry if that's the case! :) - Natasha


over 6 years ago Hiba said:

Thank you

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