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    Cover credit goes to Georgie K! :) << Join if you like the book :)

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    My Happy Ending

    Warning, a few curses involved. Hope you like it, it's different from "Cursed", but I still enjoy writing this type of genre too! Foll…

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almost 2 years ago B.K Taylor said:

Hello friendly follower!

I'm finally back from my two year hiatus and I bring a brand new story 'Ancient Flame' It would be wonderful if you check it out for me and what you thought of it. I am also happy to do swaps if you like Looking forward to hearing back from you!

B.K Taylor


about 2 years ago The One And Only said:

I apologize in advance if you have already received this advertisement

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over 3 years ago Be said:

URGENT: Hey there, I am looking for an urgent critique on my roughly 1000 word story for an URGENT deadline! I NEED THE CRITIQUE BY (at the latest) 10PM EST TODAY. If you're in, please let me know. I cannot be sure if I will be able to return the critique. The story is Class Clown.

Milan london

almost 4 years ago mena london said:

TAKE ME WITH YOU! Read it and weep (or love). April Linder chose this story as the winner of the Catherine Contest, now I've turned it into a captivating novel! Check it out! Votes are loved if deserved! Thanks! Click on the cover below to get to it!

Here is a small snippet of my story to catch your fancy:

~* “No!” Melisande’s shrill pierced through even the yelling from the crowd. Then I had seen it, her mother fell almost instantly. She hit the ground in the middle of the aisle with a thud. I raced forward, Melisande having successfully pushed her way through, and reached the two. Melisande’s mother laid there on the ground that had been so carefully covered with pink petals, but was now staining a deep red. ~*

*Promise me one thing... Take Me With You.* Take Me With You

If you could please click on the picture and vote for my novel Take Me With You on as many chapters as you can that'd be great! It's in a super important contest!!

P.S. This contest is for Wattpad!!

All you have to do is go to the upper right hand corner and click the star to vote!!((Do as many chapters as you possibly can, I really need this!!)

I'll do anything you need me to do in regards to your stories if you give me as many possible votes as you can. PLEASE.

This is my dream and if you help I'll be closer to achieving it. please.


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about 4 years ago White Kitty said:

Battle of the Brilliant

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