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    Finding Me

    A Journey through the country with just a back packing hand leads Mattie on a life changing adventure with a handsome character that s…

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  • World-trade-center.jpg
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    The World

    A poem with the unjust things in the world.

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  • Artificial machine
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    I. A.rtificial M.achine

    This was a dream I had, wrote it down to not forgot. It was as if I was the character in my dreams

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  • New being
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    New Being

    What if one day you found out you had no memory of who you were and that you were a Vampire. The only memory you have is of a mysterio…

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almost 4 years ago Animus Draconis said:

Sick of bad reviews and weird group rules? Come join us - professional reviews, professional covers and one single, simple rule.


over 4 years ago Jennifer Stemmer said:

Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in a chapter by chapter swap? I see that you have novels so I thought it would be a good idea. Please let me know either way, and if you want to know what you would be reading, it is called "Glimpse".


over 4 years ago book.coffee.autumn said:

Swap? Please read my best friend's writing: Olivia M. her profile is the black rose as her profile, please read her newest piece. On the top left.


about 5 years ago lilstrawberry said:

Hello there Lovely! I'm trying to win the Lost Prince contest and was hoping you'd take a look at my entry. It's titled The Apple Tree. I'd love it so much if you could please take a look at it, thank you in advance and sorry if I bothered you.


about 5 years ago L.J.Walker said:


Would you like to do a swap? If so heart/comment on Hide and Go Seek and I'll return the favour for something of yours!:D


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New Being

(over 6 years ago)

Thank You, I try my best. I'm going to continue every step of the way. Read More »