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10 months ago Cordelia Kaye said:

Hi Cheshire Pretty,

I'm back from a 3 month long hiatus, and I wanted to tell you I'm sorry that you didn't get to read the rest of WY! I had lost my inspiration for it and had no will to continue it, thus leading me to taking it down so I don't make people think it's still a WIP. I'm glad you did enjoy the first chapter, and I'm going to attempt another novel in the near future (hopefully this one will pull through!) so I hope you're around for that one!


10 months ago Melanie Camacho said:

Swap? If so please read Andrew Stone and heart it IF you like it! This is the last day that I can receive hearts :) Thank you have a good day.

Book link


11 months ago Melanie Camacho said:

Could you please heart my story? (it's only 750 words) I will comment and heart any story of yours up to 2,000 words! Please help me by hearting it!


11 months ago Scorpio Ryder said:

Hello! I apologize if this request is bothersome and if you do not accept swaps just ignore this. Unfortunately the contest I am entered in is reliant on hearts, and so it forces me to go seek the help and wisdom of fellow aspiring writers in a search for hearts. However I am not asking for a heart swap. I would very much like a normal-like swap with comments/reviews, and a heart only if deserved. I will do the same. So if you could read "Healer of Darkness" I will be very much obliged and would gladly read anything in return! :)



12 months ago Cactus Joe said:

Hello there! How are you? I hope well, as this is a magnificent day and you certainly deserve to enjoy it. :) Alrighty, so I was wondering if you would care to swap? If so, I'd be forever in your debt if you would read my piece, "Just Another Innocent Story." I'd happily read something of yours in return! Thank you so much and happy writing!

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