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about 5 years ago Jenna Faccenda said:


I am sorry to bother you but I am very new to Figment and I am trying really hard to give my story some light. It is called "She'll Breathe Again"

I am in a contest so hearts would be greatly appreciated (but only if you feel its appropriate).

I am interested in Swaps as well so if there is any stories you would like me to take a look at leave the title on my page.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

Regards, Jenna


over 5 years ago Lw said:

Hello there! I'm Lucas. I would LOVE if you could read and heart (if deserved) my story (K9 Kiss) it's one of my most proud pieces and it needs YOUR heart to get it moving. If you don't like me posting these things here or you just don't want to read this, that's cool, just ignore me. Hahaha. Anyways, THANKS so much, and if you reccomend a good piece that is either yours or a friends, I will read it in return, THANKS SO MUCH god bless, and have an amazing day


over 6 years ago C.W. Nab said:

Thanks for the nice comment and the heads up on the typo. I never catch all of them. I think you should give the contest another try, though. A wordsmith such as yourself will surely be able to get around that annoying first line :)


over 6 years ago C.W. Nab said:

Wow. You even tweeted about it? I can't believe you did that, that is so nice of you. I don't have a twitter or else I would've returned the favor. To answer your question: I don't really know why a went for sharks. I think that's just the best way to describe some people. I usually don't think much about themes or structure. Something just pops into my head and once I like the sound or feel of it I have a hard time changing it to something that would suit better. Guess that's the amateur in me. Anyway, thanks again.


over 6 years ago C.W. Nab said:

Thanks for the constructive criticism! With help from a professional story teller I'm sure my writing can only get better.

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