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  • Murder_by_xpeacexlovexrawrx
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    The Leap Year Massacre

    Warning: Crude offensive language/descriptive violent scenes/Gore. "They were just supposed to stay for one night, just stay in the h…

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  • Rachel hurd-wood 2
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    Have you ever felt that in our world of imperfections it's almost impossible to find exactly what you want? Well, fear no more. We are…

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  • Assembly_req__d__by_endling-d4r2adu (1)
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    Fire Starters

    All that I know Of a certain star, Is, it can throw (Like the angled spar) Now a dart of red, Now a dart of blue, Till my friend…

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  • Tumblr_lk1wpba77m1qeahkio1_400
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    Forget Me Not

    It was like she never existed. Ever since her parents death she's been living on the streets hiding and running from her parents kille…

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  • Pentagram_by_melodysydney
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    Five girls. Five different lives. One similar bond.

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almost 4 years ago Jake Ezra said:

Hi there, I have a story in progress I would love for you to read and tell me what you think. It's called Skeletons in the Attic. I am currently reading your story of The Leap Year Massacre, and its pretty cool.

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over 4 years ago Rose Cherie said:

It's totally cool. ANd if you do publish that novel, I'll be the first one to read it!


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over 4 years ago Rose Cherie said:

Hey Jordan, (Love that name, by the way.)

I really love your book The Leap Year Massacre. If you update soon, will you let me know? And, the last chapter is locked... So, um , later?


Ugly person

over 4 years ago Liam M. Taylor said:

Pain. Fear. Suffering. Annihilation. Not just Earthly attributes. Prepare. Something has found us. Brought to our planet a long time ago. By a human.

Hello fellow writers, What I am asking for is not a swap but more of a free read of my newly released book The Shard Chronicles – Book One: The Naissance. I have been working on it for the last three years and finally released it on Smashwords. Please read and heart/comment/review and let me know what you think of it. And if you like it, buy the full novel off Smashwords, where you can read it on your kindle or smartphone. So please support me.

Kind regards, Liam Taylor


over 4 years ago Hailey Calvert said:

Hey! I have one day before the contest I'm in closes and I'm in 11th place, I need to be in the top 10! I could really use your help! I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping a person out? Please read/heart my SHORT-STORY "Bound" please and then post on my wall what you'd like me to swap for in return! Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day! :)

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(over 5 years ago)

This poem left me breathless... I really enjoyed the diction this time, it really affects the way a poem is viewed... Your tone is excell... Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

This was really good, XD I liked the imagery and tone of the overall poem... However I think that you should try playing around with dict... Read More »