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  • The sensitivity of the  creative mind
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    The Sensitivity of The Creative Mind

    (Finished Essay, First Draft) This is an essay about creative people and their hypersensitivity. (Written in March 2017) *Cover photo …

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  • Let me go
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    Let Me Go

    (WIP Novella, First Draft) This is a story about many things, such as: racism, terrorism, sexism, homophobia, hate, love, joy, sorrow,…

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  • Waves
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    (FINISHED Short Film, First Draft) A young man is drawn to the ocean; which may not be the best thing. *May 28th 2017* Photo royalty f…

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  • The unimaginable
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    The Unimaginable

    (Short Story, Second Edit Draft) A couple deals with the death of their child. *I'm entering this into a contest which theme is 'Light…

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  • Life as he knows it9
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    Life As He Knows It

    (Finished, Tenth Edit Draft) On Ben’s fourteenth birthday, his father decides to leave him with his mother, alone and forever. And so …

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  • The art of thanatos
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    The Art of Thanatos

    (Finished Collection of Short Stories, Rough Copy) This is a collection of short stories for the sad and the insane. *Started in May …

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Talk to me!


2 days ago Hannah C.S said:

Ok well I read and reviewed your story its your turn I have to stories, "Burned Alive" and "To The Watery Grave I Go". Please keep in mind that I'm dyslexic so I may have gotten some stuff wrong.


3 days ago Evelyn said:

Hey! Wanna swap? I only have one short story up, and yes it is a very very short story. Keep in mind it is just a draft. I would love to read any of your stories in return for some constructive criticism! Let me know! Thanks.


3 days ago Ella said:

I read Let Me Go (psst it was really good)! also thanks for swapping with me! I don't really care what you read in return as long as you're honest. (:


4 days ago Eleanor Keep said:

For the swap, I don't care what you read. Please just leave a genuine review. Thanks!!


4 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

No prob. Happy writing! ~Willow

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My Reviews

Little Ghost

(10 months ago)

FOR A SWAP: I'm finally getting around to this, I'm so sorry. Since the entirely of this is 20 mins and my film was only 13, I read ju... Read More »

Death in Love

(about 1 year ago)

FOR A SWAP: (I review as I go along.) *Day Much Darker Than Night* I've always had a hard time reviewing poetry, since I know peop... Read More »