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  • Guest book cover
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    Guest Book, Dream Casts, etc.

    This is the only way to get a hold of me since I have decided that my profile page was way too cluttered. Please read the rules and ke…

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  • The first year of the rest of our lives cover
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    The First Year of the Rest of Our Lives

    <b>© Rachel Rauch, 2017 Work-in-Progress, 22% Complete (Last Updated: January 29th, 2017) Cover Courtesy of Ashley C. Nicole</b> </…

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  • Extraordinarily ordinary cover 005 (professional design)
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    Extraordinarily Ordinary

    <b>© Rachel Rauch, 2016 Work-in-Progress, 49% Complete (Last Updated: December 27th, 2016) Cover Courtesy of Isabelle Arne</b> </br…

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  • Power of one cover
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    The Power of One

    *Cover Courtesy of luna* *Winner of Good Vs. Evil Contest* Two twins. One has the power of sight. The other has the power of the sha…

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  • A tale on angel's wing cover
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    A Tale on Angel's Wing

    *Cover Courtesy of Natalie Dunning* *Winner of Skink-No Surrender Contest* An angel named Elizabeth has fallen from grace and forgot…

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  • Labyrinth cover
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    *Cover Courtesy of Natasha* *Winner of Games of Lives Contest* A partnership. A maze. The goal of the game? Kill everyone that isn't…

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My Reviews

The Wolves Who Kissed the Sky

(4 months ago)

*Payment for map drawing* <em>The Wolves Who Kissed The Sky</em> <b>Overall</b>: This is an amazing piece!! I really, really like i... Read More »

As long as I live

(5 months ago)

<em>As long as I live</em> <b>Overall</b>: This poem is really well designed and I love the darkness behind it. I love the realistic t... Read More »