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about 3 years ago Two-ThirdsDivine said:

Hello. I was wondering if you would like to do a swap? I have a short story that needs some looking over, and I would gladly return the favor.


about 4 years ago cake (by the ocean) said:

Hi! I'm looking to swap with Facebook users. You see, I have entered a short story into a Facebook contest and I really need votes on it.

Voting is completely private. You won't need to add me, nor will I see your profile or any of your details. You have to like the page, which will then redirect you to my story. There's a vote button on the right. Enter you e-mail address and hit vote.

In exchange for your vote, I will read anything of yours and give your feedback.

Thanks, Cake


about 4 years ago StayStrong_16 said:

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MY DEAR FOLLOWER: Were you (or was someone close to you) affected by bullying in the past, or is still being affected by it today? Do you want to talk with other fellow figs about ways to stop bullying and/ or help others who have been bullied? Do you want to try to stop bullying once and for all? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then the group “STOP BULLYING!” is for you. Join today, and make a difference. ~ bullyingprevention13

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about 4 years ago Elliot Michael said:

um, hehe which one is it?

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about 4 years ago Elliot Michael said:


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