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  • Dragon&princess
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    Dragon's Fire, Heart's Desire

    A girl named Cecile moves with her mother to Maine. She meets many new people along the way who lead her to another realm of creatures…

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  • Fireforestmoon
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    Spark in the Night

    Evera and Gavin are just two kids in high school. Their lives are normal until Gavin's lacrosse game is interrupted by a falling star.…

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about 5 years ago Yours Truly said:

Congrats on the feature! Would you like to swap? If you read "Two Brown Eyes" I'll read anything of yours.


about 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Helloooo! :) Are you willing to take out 3 mins of your precious time to read my story "Vengeance is Never Sweet"? Yes its for a contest, my first contest, and I would really like to win. Believe it or not with about 325 hearts I'm still FAR behind, I got serious competition. Sooo it would mean the world to me if you could give it a heart, but only if you mean it. My intentions is not to ask for a swap but if you insist I will gladly read any piece of yours (that's under 4 mins and is not an entry for the seventeen magazine contest tehe xD) Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

Stay beautiful and keep writing!



about 5 years ago The Dark Side Of Me said:

Read Battle and I'll read whichever piece of yours with lenghth the same as the one of my piece :)


about 5 years ago Ninja Nourie said:

Asalamu Alykum!

Hey, is it alright if yo read a story of mine called 'I Will Never Give Up'? It's not that long, just two chapters and I'd be thrilled to have a constructive review or comment on it. If you agree, be sure to heart ONLY if it deserves it.


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