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over 3 years ago Victoria I. Pritchard said:

I created a group called An Eye for Design so if you want a really cool book cover just come to my page and check out the group. There's more information there :)


almost 4 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

Hi, would you like to swap? If so, could you please read and comment on "Love Letters (Revised)"? Heart if you like, but I'm really looking for feedback. I'll do the same for anything of yours (preferably something short, since it might take me a while to get through a longer piece- but I will still read it!) If not, or if I've already posted this, just ignore it. Thanks :)


about 4 years ago Alyssa Elaine said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? If so, please take a look at A Rush of Summer. Thanks.


about 4 years ago Aennli Sky said:

Hey there! Wanna swap? If you do please read my short story When the Moon Cries Out. Thanks!


about 4 years ago Trail of Glitter said:

Tired of your old covers? Want one that is professional, unique, and beautiful?

If yes, then I’m your girl! Visit my cover shop, and I will make you the best cover ever (I hope)! If you really like my work, you can always come back. I make everything from covers to group ads to profile pictures. Just ask—and I’ll give it to you. What are you waiting for? Visit my shop:


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(over 4 years ago)

I read it all. This has a very anime feel to it, or maybe it was just your use of Japanese names. My brain kept translating some English ... Read More »

A Reason to Liv

(over 4 years ago)

You described everything very well. I had a clear image in my mind of what was going on. The only problem I have with this is some of the... Read More »